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[Sold] 2011 Suzuki GSXR600

Discussion in 'Archived' started by jimtron83, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. I've moved to Marlo and have no people to ride with so it has to make way for my new adventure bike :) (much easier on the body for the ride back to Melbourne)

    The bike is the current model and has just completed its 1000km service

    Will be sold with a RWC and 9 months rego, cost is 11,500.

    Its a real shame I have to sell, however I won't be riding it, I would rather the bike go to someone that will ride it and embrace it, may be prepared to swap for an adventure touring/naked bike

    any questions please email and I shall reply.

    The bike is stored in a garage and has never seen rain, will also be sold with a full tank of petrol :)

    If interested, please note a 'deposit' will be taken for a test ride, and I'm not interested in tyre kickers or test pilots. Happy to deliver the bike within reason (20ks)

    thanks for looking and keep safe on the roads

    Cost is 11,500.ono


  2. Friendly bump, happy to talk price if you think it is unreasonable
  3. #3 jimtron83, Sep 23, 2013
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    Wow, not even a nibble....... better drop the price

    New price $11,000

    That's alot of bike for the money.
  4. Price is ok mate. It might be due to the fact that the bike is in Marlo and you're only willing to drop it off 20km away.
    i think you're missing a 0.

    Its hard hard market. keep at it.
  5. My bad Shldze,

    The bike is located in Melbourne, Forest Hill to be precise. :)
  6. Hi, how many Ks are on the odometer ? Can you post any more photos ?
  7. The bike has done approx 2,500km. I'm unable to upload any images, please send me a PM and I'll happily email them to you

    Bike will be sold having been to the dealer and having the front brake issue repaired under warranty.
  8. #8 jimtron83, Feb 5, 2014
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    Price Drop to *$10,500.

    The front brake 'issue' has been replaced/repaired under warranty. Brake lines have also been upgraded to Venhill Braided lines.

    Tank grip has also been installed.

    Current tacho reads 4000km.
  9. Do yourself a favour and refer to it as a manufacturer recall that applies to almost every GSXR made during the past decade, which is what it is, not a "front brake issue" which makes it sound like your bike in particular had a problem. :p
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  10. Rego has been renewed. Will be sold with with 12 months rego.
  11. Final price drop before this bike is taken off the market

  12. Bike now comes with a tidy tail and a Yoshimura exhaust :)
  13. jimtron, how much was this bike brand new?
  14. Why all the modifications if you're selling?
  15. I paid around $12,500, can't remember though. I need to find the receipt.

    The mods are fairly simple, upgraded the brake lines because Suzuki paid for the labour (brake warranty issue which affected many GSXRs over the years.) Added the tank grippers to hopefully make the bike better for me, and saw a pipe that was at a great price.

    I also figured that it would also 'ad value' to the bike as most people generally add a slip on exhaust and tidy tail etc.
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