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[Sold] 2011 Suzuki GSX-R600

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by SteadyEddie, Apr 3, 2015.

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  1. #1 SteadyEddie, Apr 3, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2015
    Hi there, upgrade time, so this bike needs to find a new home.

    Its lived a very easy life during its 26,200 km’s.
    Has never been dropped or scratched.
    Body work in excellent condition. Im the 2nd Owner, rolled out only on weekends.
    Oil changed every 4 thousand k’s (Motul 5100 10W50)
    Chain lubed regularly.
    Spark plugs replaced at 20,000 k’s service (NGK Iridium)
    Front brake pads replaced at 20,000 k’s service (Ferodo sintered)
    Coolant flushed and replaced at 20,000 k’s service.
    Brake fluid replaced 6 months ago.
    Tyres are Pirelli DRC 180/55/17R, 120/70/17F

    • Wezmoto Braided lines
    • Techspecs
    • Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa Tyres
    • Yoshimura Tail Tidy
    • Yoshimura Bar Ends
    • GB Racing Engine Covers
    • GB Racing Rear Stand Spools

    Registration expires October 2015

    Comes with RWC and a new rear tyre.

    Call Mobile (0431 579 629) after-hours and Landline (03 9557 4700) during business hours please.

    Asking $8,900. NertRaiders will get discounts :)











    Edit 5/4/15 - 180 Rear Tyre, not 190 as originally specified.
  2. Every pink salmon short wearing wife beater will be foaming over this. If it came with a dozen kebabs and diamond encrusted anal beads then I might consider it.
    Good luck to the next squid who owns this. I'm sure it's the fastest Gixxer in the Southern Hemisphere.
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  3. Comes with a biscuit and a splintered baseball bat for self love.
  4. What's with the after market cheap ebay gear shift pedal with the stock rearsets?

    Picture 6.
  5. Nor cheap, nor ebay but well spotted.

    I bought Diamond Racing Rearsets for the bike but found them too high for my liking. The shift level action however is adjustable and gives more feedback (on upchanges especially).

    Sold the rearsets kept the lever.
  6. Nah must be the fastest in the world, hence 'the GOAT', otherwise it'd be 'the GOSH'
  7. fcuk I hate the word gixxer. One instantly knows a squid when you hear that. Its almost as bad as people getting around calling all ZX's Ninjas. You just know the pimple faced pizza boy is riding a 300
    Dr evil.
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  8. I think the 300's now outnumber all other kwakas 10:1.

    Kawasaki definitely saw where the learner money was...
  9. Yeah I don't see why anyone would chose a 300cc parallel twin over a sv650 Suzuki vtwin. Some must be brain dead
  10. It's called hype and marketing!
    The little quacker seems to be the bike of choice. When I had my Ls it was the baby blade that had the wow factor, now it's the baby ninjas.
    The Sv is a great bike no doubt. It's just that anyone new to riding and considering which bike will be there first has never heard of one.
  11. Maybe cos the sv is $10k and the ninja $6k. Anyone paying 10 grand for a strangled SV that can't be derestricted is the brain dead one
  12. Want to check your facts about not being able to derestrict?

    The SV also makes more torque
  13. One snipped exposed wire in ECU and unless the anyone looks under the seat, it looks and sounds like the anaemic lams SV. After 8 grand it feels quite a bit different :)
  14. I once destricted a PW50 and I swear my ass dyno felt significant power gains.
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  15. Never heard of that. Was this personal experience? I read of guys buying a full power ecu which was a grand if u bought through suzuki
  16. Yup, I got a good deal on a NOS 2012 SV650 when I was on my L's - it got it's snip a few months later.

    Anyway, back to the other bike in question... still for sale :)
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