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[Sold] 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 650 RL

Discussion in 'Archived' started by steltzer, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. #1 steltzer, Jun 27, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2013
    OK, so here is my favorite toy. I have to sell due to financial constraints (business not going terrible at the moment), and I am off my license restrictions anyway.

    I bought this bike brand new in June 2011. It has been serviced on time, every time. It is now due for it's 12K service. It has just gone out of rego. Also needs new front and rear tyres. Not selling with road worthy (to much on my plate at the mo to organise, might have to switch exhaust to stock (too loud and blows flame on the over run!) and reattach fender eliminator to pass. It has only been ridden on the weekends, never used for commuting, NEVER dropped! only ridden in the rain when I got caught in it, out enjoying myself somewhere.

    Extras on the bike include -
    Shorty levers
    Rim tape
    Jardine under body exhaust (sounds amazing)
    Tank protector (has one little section piece missing, buy a new one for $12 online)
    Fender eliminator
    Rear rego tube

    All original parts come with the bike.

    Also included in the sale is a pit posse rear bike stand. 167399_3748111955152_1331438436_n. 207748_4731608141942_1826382563_n. 288476_2123398178323_6429637_o. 291140_2123398378328_1845082_o. 542015_4731607501926_412511254_n.

    Contact me if interested, $6500, must sell.

    Over $11,500 worth of awesome!!

  2. Does my bike have cootes or something? Does no-one want this? It is priced to high? Heaps have had a look and not one comment, I thought it was a great bike. Oh we'll. make an offer......a reasonable offer
  3. It's a damn nice bike, no questions there. The bike market is in a massive lull at the moment given it's the middle of winter. A bike is only worth as much as someone is prepared to pay for it as well. I would like to sell my Duke for $6k, but realistically I'll probably get $4.5k for it.

    I like your bike but I sure wouldn't pay $8k for it. Particularly not when the buyer has to pay $700+ for rego as well as RWC. It could be all up $9000 by the time they're done. $8k with 12 months rego and RWC, people will consider it. My offer would be $6000 without it.

    My 2c, since you asked :)
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  4. Yes. I've seen 0km previous year models go for 9k and not much more for new 2013 models. The price you paid for on road costs and (very few) modifications is lost instantly. The mods can make it more sellable, but not necessarily any more valueable. Its a nice bike but you're looking more at about $7k with rego.
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  5. Yeah mate look at what you can get them in the dealer new with rego. 10K with a second of haggling in a fair few places. 6K-6.5 is probably more realistic and you need RWC to sell a bike in Vic anyway + rego + stamp duty the person would be looking at $900+ to get it on the road. Your restrictions on the test ride are also quite crazy imo.
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  6. @Portagrug is selling his with extras for alot less, kms are different amount but you want to compare, theres one to compare to.
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  7. Thanks for the info guys, I really appreciate it. looks like I will be dropping the price. Feel a bit stupid now. I got so much going on in my life, i didn't really stop and truly think about weather it was a fair price or not. i am such a peanut LOL thanks for the info, price drop shortly!
  8. Price drop - $6500 ONO
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