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[Sold] 2011 Husqvarna SMR449

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Mahoney, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. #1 Mahoney, Mar 25, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2013
    EDIT: Price drop, km update, $7200!! Just serviced, new front tire Bridgestone s20, to match the rear.

    Hi guys, I bought this to see me through the majority of my LAMS restrictions, now I am off and it's time to upgrade, that means someone else can have some fun!

    The pics say more than I can, it's a beautiful machine and and so much fun in the twisties and around town, I have been using it to run around town and tear up the hills on the weekends. Oil and filters changed religiously every 1500km and major services done at the dealer on schedule, logbooks included. Also still under factory warranty till August, as is the Reg.

    I have done all the common power upgrades like exhaust, high flow airbox and JD Tuning kit, the difference from stock is unbelievable.

    Sold with RWC and all the boring stock bits like muffler, fender etc, PRICE DROP $7200. 9000km on the ODO at the moment but I ride every day and this will change. Selling to upgrade, would strongly consider a swap for a Speed Triple, Superduke fz1n type thing + Cash your way if required.

    Call or email me, mahoney.jesse AT gmail.com or 0404 638 321

    One. Five. Eight. Six. Three.
  2. Still available, had a couple of offers for swapsies, nothing I've been interested in yet. Great fun in winter, Bridgestone S20 are great in the wet!
  3. bump for price drop, $7200 netrider special.
  4. Had a great offer of a swap fall through, so still for sale. Added some Acerbis Rallypro handguards to keep the winter wind off the fingers too.

  5. Price drop, $6500! Just paid 12 months reg, replaced rear tire with Michelin PR3.

    I have found a perfect replacement and i want this goooooone!
  6. damn still trying to sell it? shame, its so bloody cheap. come on people, once you braap you never go back
  7. I know, it's a helluva lot of bike for the money! Brembo both ends, braided lines, hydro clutch, it's all the bits you'd strap onto an enduro bike to make it a racing sumo, straight from the factory!
    Had tons of offers of swaps for sportsbikes, but no one with a big naked hooligan bike. :(
Thread Status:
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