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[Sold] 2011 Husqvarna 511 SMR

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by mike8863, Jan 23, 2016.

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    2011 Husqvarna 511 SMR, Super Motard

    • FMF power core 4 muffler
    • Michelin pilot power3 dual compound Tyres
    • Power Commander 5
    • Full Crash mushroom Kit
    • G2 Quick Throttle
    • White Plastics kit
    • New Fork Seals
    • New lithium Ion Battery
    • Bark Busters
    • G2 quick Throttle
    • OEM red Plastics
    • OEM muffler
    • OEM Bar ends
    • OEM Throttle tube
    • Full Colour Work shop manual
    • Recent Service with valve clearance check
    • RWC condition
    • Registered Until September 2016
    • 7200 km

    $6500 Contact Mike 0435746421

    2011 magazine reviews

    HUSQVARNA’S SMR 511 is a very narrow focus machine. It’s hard edged and grumpy, but it’s also got the best brakes this side of a full on sports bike, a riding position to let you see over most cars, and a narrowness which lets you squeeze through the smallest of gaps. Did I mention it’s shed loads of fun too?
    Tried and tested
    The four-stroke, single-cylinder mill, also borrowed from the G450X, features dual overhead cams lifting four valves, a revised ECU and a compression ratio of 12:1, clearly established with racing in mind – so high octane fuel is a must.

    Thankfully, the design team gave the new engine an electric starter and an automatic decompression system. The 101.0 x 56.6 mm bore and stroke setup make for a square engine and a very happy revver.

    The close-ratio, six-speed transmission makes good use of a hydraulic control clutch, mounted at the end of the crankshaft. Its smaller diameter reduces the engine’s rotational inertia and improves responsiveness.

    The kit generates a little over 50 ponies, and with a curb weight of 118 kg (260 lb.), this is one lively bike. The only trouble is, the engine is so smooth that it doesn’t seem quite so potent, but one look at your impressive acceleration numbers quickly puts that doubt to rest.

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  2. Husky is sold...thanks.
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