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[Sold] 2011 Honda CBR250r

Discussion in 'Archived' started by basejumper, Aug 21, 2016.

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  1. Only 5700 Klms
    No rego
    Minor fairing damage on left side
    Rides great
    $2000 , no offers


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  2. Price is right mate. Will be gone a few days guaranteed.
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  3. That's a nice looking bike, mate ;)

    A few days ago I was thinking of buying either the CB500X or KTM 390 (new). Now, after reading numerous posts on motorcycle theft, I am having second thoughts about buying an expensive one since I will be parking on street. Moreover, since I am a beginner, I might even drop my bike who knows how many times. You posted about this bike on my thread the other day and I reconsidered your suggestion. :) I want to get good at riding first before I go for a new bigger bike.

    I have some questions if you don't mind:

    i) Since it is out of rego, do I need to arrange for an inspection (for a roadworthy certificate of some sort) and then get it registered? I will need to get it registered before I ride it, so... how long would the registration process take?
    ii) I live in Sydney city - how far away are you?
    iii) Do I need to replace anything at all before I take it out on long rides?


  4. sorry to dissapoint but im fairly sure someone else beat both of us to it and has already taken the bike home! I was creepin' on it too.
  5. Hehehe... I wouldn't be surprised if it's gone. Good luck to ya, ForNeverAloneForNeverAlone. Hope you find a nice one to take home. :)
  6. Sorry peeps sold
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  7. Dayum! Congrats!
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