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[Sold] 2011 Aprilia RS125

Discussion in 'Archived' started by daniel270991, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. #1 daniel270991, Jun 6, 2013
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    Heya to all fellow NR's

    Time has come to sell my beloved RS. I plan to upgrade to a bigger bike soon (having come off my L's) and actually commute with the bike, so the 125 is for sale.

    I do have quite an extensive knowledge of bikes - not just a pure 'learner'! Riding off road since I could walk, adding in my father who has an instrumental knowledge of bikes, especially two stroke. The bike, rest assured, has been owned in good hands!

    HEAPS of extras included, as seen below the pictures. Such a blast to ride, and if you are a learner, this bike will most definitely make you a better rider. Never dropped, or crashed. Purely a weekend machine I have used it for.

    Cheers Dan

    EDIT - I'm looking for in around $6500 6000 with/without RWC, as I am happy to negotiate with buyers of course, preferable someone from/referred by NR. It will need (pretty much) zip for a RWC, and has rego until next January, 2014.

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    2011 Aprilia RS125 Full Power (FP) 2 Stroke Replica GP Bike – LAMS (Learner) Approved.
    Here is the chance to own and ride one of the very best, and last remaining two stroke GP replica road bikes that is available today – the Aprilia RS 125.

    The bike was purchased BRAND NEW from A1 Motorcycles in Brighton in late December, 2011. The bike has had its all important first service with their workshop as well, which was the main fitment of the 'Performance Pack' – which included the exhaust system, jetting, and race stand as described below.

    Bike is under factory warranty until January 2014.

    I have every single receipt of documentation of the bike – Owners Manual, Service Manual, service history/log (stamped in booklet from A1), Service receipt, original store receipts invoices, etc,etc. The bike also comes with two sets of keys as per new. I have taken photos of all the paperwork I have with the bike.

    The bike is a FULL POWER 2011 model (August 2011), with a number of extras and suited additions specifically made for the RS.

    The bike has a mere 1,600 kilometers total mileage and had been properly run in for the first 1,000, below the recommended 8,000RPM.

    Additions and Extras include:

    - Full derestricted version (Full Power) model – 33BHP
    - Full Arrow Special Parts exhaust system – Tuned expansion chamber and Kevlar Muffler/End Can
    - Jetting to suit the new exhaust system
    - Anderson multi-adjustable Racing Stand
    - Genuine RS tank pad/protector

    - Pipercross panel Air Filter to suit the RS125 (from England)
    - Evotech Performance (EP) Tail Tidy to suit the RS 125
    - Evotech Performance (EP) Exhaust Hanger to suit the RS 125
    - Black anodized tank washer and screw
    - Euroline H11 Platinum White Low Beam/High Beam 6500K Lights with Platinum White parkers
    - MotoInkz 3M Rim Stripes – in the Italian Flag colors (Green/White/Red)

    The bike also has black wheels as standard – which is quite a rare commodity amongst RS 125's, as I have not seen one with this color scheme and wheels (Black/Black).

    The bike is certainly worth every single penny that was spent into it, and as seen, absolutely no expense has been spared on the bike. Close to $2,000 has been spent on top of the bike in extras and performance parts, which again, I do have all receipts for.

    Bel-Ray SI7 Full Synthetic oil has been used in it and currently as well, and a spare top up bottle is included for the new buyer. Also, the original tail tidy which may be needed for RWC purposes. I am also including the original Air Filter which is in the Pipercross packaging.

    Owned and cared for by a GENUINE motorcycling enthusiast – who has ridden since I could practically walk. Warmed up properly, carefully detailed and cared for every time it has been ridden.

    Read the reviews over the internet/magazines about the RS 125, possibly the BEST learners bike to learn on. It certainly will blow any 4 stroke 250 out of the water, and will make a BETTER rider out of anyone who uses it, which is for absolute certain. The bike is super light, and has quality components which are the standard of Aprilia. Plus, it is an absolute blast for any weekend warriors, or even experienced riders.

    PLEASE contact me for further discussion/price, etc...I have had the bike Redbook evaluated and can also show this to any interested people who see the bike. More than happy to work out a reasonable deal for any genuine buyers. RWC will be absolutely NO issue (literally a brand new bike), and is registered until January 5th, 2014.

    The ultimate in LAMS/Learner approved bikes, and GP replicas...no wonder why the best of the best (Lorenzo, Rossi, Stoner, etc...) started out on these bikes. They are seriously awesome machines.
  2. May have missed it but cost?

  3. Could I list this as taking offers?
  4. I think the rules state you have to put up a price
  5. Was trying to look for the rules but can't find them, I'll keep looking.
  6. You need to put up a price or the mod is going to delete the thread.
  7. Price has been added to the original post, am hoping it goes to a fellow NR'er or someone reffered by here!
  8. absolutely love it but sadly can't help you... best of luck with the sale :)
  9. Thanks mate for the comment!
  10. Price change, realise its getting a bit hard to sell at this time, around $6,000 with all the goodies, I am negotiable within good stead too. Bike will surely not dissapoint!
    Cheers D
  11. Beautiful bike mate, and very good price too!

    The RS125 was also my first bike and loved it.

    Good luck with the sale!
  12. Bump up yet again!The price is definitely negotiable to the right person. I realize there is a small market for these bikes but really don't do it justice.
    Let me know, Dan!
  13. I love my RS125, even though I'm looking to upgrade to a Griso or XR1200, I will never sell my RS. I love being able to out-brake all the 1000cc heroes on the Old Pac...
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  14. Thanks Stroker :)

    I only rode it yesterday to give its fortnightly blast, and was riding alongside a guy with a Ninja 650 it looked like. Pulled up at the lights and asked me 'What brakes are you running on that thing, the disc looks huge up front'!

    The Italians don't skimp on petformance, it is true!
  15. Bit of an update - flushed both front & back brakes with fresh new DOT 4 Plus, not that it needed it, as the fluid was clean anyway. The fluid was changed upon the 1,000km service, which was late last year, but refreshed it again today.
  16. Great lil' two strokers. GL with sale :)
  17. Please remove - bike has been sold! Went to a good home
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