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[Sold] 2010 Yamaha V-Star XVS650

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Tone2, May 29, 2013.

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  1. I'm asking $8,950 for this 2010 model manufactured in Nov 2009 and first registered in March 2010. Current rego until March 2014. The XVS650 is Australia's biggest selling LAMS cruiser and it's no wonder why. They're solid, reliable bikes that run really well. I'm the second owner and have just upgraded to the XVS1100. I'm an older rider and have looked after it - it's a great bike that has never had an accident and I'll be sorry to see it go.

    It has Vance & Hines Short Shot exhaust pipes that sound like 53 kinds of awesome - why buy a cruiser and have it sound like a sewing machine? They say loud pipes save lives and these are a popular upgrade for the 650.

    Kentucky Drive saddlebags that click on and off (can be locked on) to give you flexibility to carry stuff or change looks in seconds.

    Clevver clutch lever (clever lever) - one of the complaints with the Vstars is that the friction zone on the clutch is too small and too far out. This is the point where the gears start to engage as you let the clutch out. The Clevver is a basic mod to a standard lever that gives better adjustment to the clutch and improves both of these issues. Great especially when preparing for the slow speed stuff you have to do for the Ps test. Original lever included if you want to swap back.

    Accessory power points - two USB and one cigarette lighter. Power or recharge your phone/GPS/music/whatever on the go.

    This bike was serviced at 12,000 km by Castle Hill Motorcycles, who put on a brand new Metzler ME880 tyre on the rear at the same time.

    Comes with three keys, including the red Master key. I've even got a copy of the full workshop manual in a folder that you can have, as well as the standard Yamaha Owner's Manual.

    I've also got some accessories worth over $2,000 I'll add in for $800 more for the lot. I'll only consider selling the parts separately if the buyer of the bike doesn't want them:

    * Mustang rider and pillion seats in as new condition. It's pretty much agreed that the stock Yamaha seats suck. You get a numb bum after a while and the Mustang brand is the premium US aftermarket seat as a replacement. This model (Vintage touring two piece) would cost you $750 on its own in Australia, without shipping or fitting costs. If they fit my XVS1100, I'd be keeping them.

    * Cobra freeway bars that are fantastic to protect the bike from slow speed drops while you're learning U turns or to put some freeway pegs on to stretch your legs on the open road.

    * Silverado windscreen and lowers - these block the wind which is useful on the freeway. The Silverado stuff is the premium version of the XVS650 available in the US. The screen/lowers came off my new XVS1100. (No photo of them yet but it's a tall screen and the lowers are chrome, they go on the side of the front forks).

    * stock pipes in case you want the quieter sound.

    * chrome side covers because you can never have too much chrome. These easily swap over with the blue covers over the battery and the storage compartment.

    * flame mirrors - coz, well, some people like flames.

    If you don't have your Ls yet, I'm happy to ride it home for you if you aren't too far away. If you buy the accessories, I can put them on the bike for you if you want (or we can do it together).

    I live in the Hills District of Sydney.



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  2. nice very tidy man.... good luck with the sale
  3. and.....SOLD. Will be selling the crash bars, Mustang seat and original pipes separately. Oh, and for some reason he didn't want the flame mirrors...
  4. is the mustang seat still for sale at all?
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