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[Sold] 2010 Suzuki GS500F (LAMS)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by jalalski, Mar 16, 2014.

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  1. #1 jalalski, Mar 16, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2014

    Selling my very trusty Suzuki GS500F 2010 model bike which has served me well over the last year during my Learner's period and it is time to upgrade to something a bit faster ;)

    Details as follows:

    * I am the second owner. I bought the bike from the original owner with only 1,700kms on the clock.
    * The bike has now done 7,000kms (this may increase slightly if I take it for a quick ride between now and the time I sell it) :)
    * The bike 6000kms service done at around 6,300kms (which means 700kms ago)
    * The bike comes with full history, including Suzuki dealership service and all original purchase receipts from Sydney City Motorcycles.
    * The bike comes with 2 original keys
    * Rego expires in May 2014
    * The bike is always garaged and it is only being used for weekend recreational riding, mainly to the National Park which close to where I live.


    I have added the following bits and pieces but it is nothing drastic

    * Zero Gravity windscreen, as I felt the factory one was a bit too low and the wind was annoying me when riding. This windscreen solved this problem. (original one will be provided with the bike)

    * Changed the blinkers to white lens
    * Added steering mount clock and temp gauges which compliment the bike gauges nicely
    * Changed the headlight bulb to Phillips Crystal Vision
    * Added an LED Tail Light Strip in addition to the factory Tail Light
    * Transparent Fuel Tank Protector
    * A Brand New Battery has also just been added 2 months ago.

    P.S. The DRIFT stick ers you see on the bike don't suggest the purpose the bike is being used for....just in case you are wondering LOL :)

    I use the DRIFT Action Camera (similar to GoPro) and I am promoting their product, that is why you see so many action camera mounts on the bike which I will remove and if you these stickers bother you, I can remove them prior to sale as well ;)

    The bike is in an awesome condition and still looks brand new, The tyres are perfect. It does have a couple of scratches which were gifted to me by the previous owner but nothing too serious and they certainly don't impact on the awesome performance of the bike.

    If you are in the market for a good learner bike that has the looks and no money to spend on, then you would seriously consider this one instead of paying a fortune for a brand new bike.


    Asking for a quick sale $5,250 and am sure the first person who sees it will buy it.

    The bike is available for inspection in Sutherland on Thursdays and weekends.

    Test ride is welcome as long as you agree to leave the full asking amount as a deposit before you ride the bike. Sorry, but that's the way it is. When I bought the bike a year ago, I only got to start the engine and listen to it :)

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks







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  2. Is this Jalal of the x-trail forum?
  3. Yeah Paul, it's me :)

    Small world isn't it? :)
  4. Indeed. Well based on how well you look after your cars I will recommend this bike to anyone looking.
  5. Price drop to $5000.00 cash and carry ;)

    I just bought a new bike, so time for this baby to find a good new home :)
  6. It's Gone!

    Thanks for looking ;)
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