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[Sold] 2010 Street Triple

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Nosoh, Oct 5, 2014.

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  1. so i've decided to put up my 2010 street triple for sale.
    it's done 48k country kms.
    it has never been crashed, or tracked- and still looks just like a brand new one.
    comes with plenty of extras...

    arrows full system.
    full gb protection kit.
    triumph seat cowl and fly screen.
    triumph brake res.
    renthal sprokets and 520 chain
    carbon fibre radiator shrouds.
    carbon fibre heel plates.
    aftermarket mirrors and shortie levers.

    comes with all stock parts and pieces plus-
    leo vince underseat exhaust.
    2 sets of new sportmax tyres...

    everyone knows what these bikes are about, but for more info just pm me.
    this is a fantastic example so asking for $8000

    here is a few pics...
    pic courtesy of greg and angie...

    the gb stuff
    the brake res

    the lowboy and a recent pic of the bike in its current get up.
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  2. the old knee has let me down. even with the street triple geometry cant even ride for more than 5mins...
    pretty devastated, not quite sure what i will do, the only thing i do know is i wont be getting a harley.
  3. thats not good mate , cant the doctors do anything?
  4. Try sitting on a Yam MT-09? It has a v upright riding position, may help as the rider does not need to "balance" the bike's weight so much (granted the STriple is pretty light-weight on it own).
  5. sent you message mate interested cheers
  6. pm sent.
  7. Bugger....

    Try the Duc Hypermotard or the Aprilia Dorso.........great V-Twin fun with very little knee bend in the saddle.
  8. Have a play around on here to help narrow your list for test rides, found it pretty good.

  9. humm I really need to test ride one of these..
  10. cheers for the advice guys...
    ive looked at the small tenere and seems to tick all boxes.

    havent thought about the dorso- did think about it alot when it came out though !!!
  11. My problem wasn't knee, but I was getting leg cramps on a 955 Speed. The move to a taller bike did fix that, FWIW. And not all tall bikes are adventure bikes.
  12. get your knee done! good physio and you're not out of action for long.
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  13. bike sold.
    end thread/
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