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[Sold] 2010 Kwaka Ninja 650RL

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by AcidTrip, Oct 12, 2014.

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  1. #1 AcidTrip, Oct 12, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2014
    So I'm stepping back in to the Ducati steed, and bringing home a '10 696 on Tuesday night. Meaning this baby now has to find a new home ...

    Introducing Miyabi. The sexiest Ninja this side of the galaxy. This drop dead gorgeous 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 650R has travelled approximately 14000km and has been my daily ride, never letting me down. She will intimidate you with her guttural growl provided by an IXIL Extreme exhaust, seduce you with her luscious blue dressings, and entertain you with her two cylinders firing in outstanding order. The bike is fitted with a ridiculously good looking number of options including;

    > IXIL Extreme exhaust, fitted with a tuned Juicebox Pro to level out fueling. Silencers for the exhaust are in a box.
    > Near new Michellin Pilot Road 3s
    > Matching blue rim tape
    > Multi-fit phone case and micro-usb charger
    > Heated grips (relayed with the phone charger to turn off with the ignition)
    > LSL Superlow bar with heavy bar-ends (stock bars were crap)
    > Tail tidy with Barracuda Frecia LED indicators (original included in sale)
    > GIVI top box and rails (not pictured)
    > The world’s best hug from its current owner.

    Miyabi is registered until August 2015 and will be sold with a RWC. She is a LAMS bike but is currently de-restricted as I’m full license. It can be re-restricted in 30 seconds, and destricted in the same time frame. Perfect for the new license laws which means P-platers have to have a LAMS bike for the full five years!

    Asking price is at $6,500. So what are you waiting for? Come get your free hug with every inspection in Hawthorn!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Price drop to $6,500 for netrider'ites!
  3. Nice bike, just to clarify so its still registered as a LAMS bike ?
  4. It is indeed still registered as LAMS, the screw and plug are sitting in my toolbox waiting to go back in if needed :)

    Also to clarify for those with queries, I spoke to the insurance company about it and they genuinely did not care provided I had an R type license. If you have a R(E), there may be issues if you're caught with the restrictor off.
  5. What are your views on test-rides? will you let a learner who has only ridden in the Learner course have a go before purchasing? I have all the cash ready and can pay on the spot if need be and the circumstances are right. I have to check out some local dealers first though here in Melbourne to see if they have any 650r's available in either black or white as they were my preferred colors.

    If i cannot find what I'm after i might be interested in the bike you have up for sale.
  6. Bike is SOLD pending payment :)
Thread Status:
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