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[Sold] 2010 KTM 990 SMT

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by bart406, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. #1 bart406, Jan 17, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2014
    I Have been modding the bike with a view to it being a keeper, but this bike has me hooked on the KTM V-Twins, so up-sizing to the 1290SD.
    KTM in all its wisdom no longer produce the SMR/T, so the KTM road range is now reduced to the Dukes, RC's, SM singles and the Adventure/Adv R.
    This is the bike that filled a gap and is considered by many to be one of the best all rounders ever made.
    I should be able to trailer the bike to Adelaide or Melbourne free of charge, as I am equal distance to both cities and will need to collect the 1290 from one of them, as we have no KTM dealer here.

    11,300km (next service @ 15k) SA reg to 22/4/14
    2nd owner, never dropped or ridden in the wet (yeah, I know)
    Akrapovic carbon slip-ons (+ new unused stock exhaust)
    SMR heat shields (+ std shields & pannier brackets)
    DNA Mk3 Stage3 air box (+ std) & std/RC8 air stack combo
    2nd flies & shafts removed (included)
    STM slipper clutch (+ std) rrp $1300 - fitted @ 9000km
    Ralle-Moto steering damper
    2nd SPAL cooling fan & radiator guard fitted
    SAI disconnected (+ original plumbing)
    G2 throttle tamer with various profiles (+ std)
    Organic brake pads + new organic spares + sintered spares
    Plenty of sliders and frame protectors
    46 ltr KTM quick release top box (fits 2 helmets)
    Michelin Pilot Power 3's (2,000km)
    Talon 43T rear sprocket (+ std rear + spare front 16T) Stock is 17/41

    GiPro gear indicator

    Over $5000 worth of goodies to compliment the quality factory components - WP, Brembo, Marchesini etc.

    Spare new windscreen (mine is trimmed to reduce buffeting at 5'10"), oil & fuel filters, iridium plugs, books, orange key + keycard + spare keys, KTM tool kit & satchel. Probably other bits lying around.

    TuneECU cable so you can connect to a laptop with freeware to change maps (or build your own), balance throttle bodies, run diagnostics, clear error codes etc.

    Plenty of rave reviews on these bikes out there - to those comments add smooth throttle (from idle), more power & torque, slipper clutch, damper, better tyres & reduced weight.

    $14,000 or I can reduce price by returning the 3 parts listed below to stock, as these are easy to remove and sell. Bike will then be re-mapped to suit the reduced power (115hp):
    Akra's deduct $700, DNA airbox $400, steering damper $400 Currently insured for $16k
    So $12,500 without the above 3 components.
  2. nice bike...tidy mods and looks fun. :) good luck with the sale
  3. Hey, is this still available?
    The SMT is on my list of bikes to test, so if it turns out I like it, then a fine example such as this would be a good option. Slightly worried about the emissions test I assume it would have to pass to register in NSW though with the SAI off.
  4. #4 bart406, Mar 20, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2014
    Yep still available.
    I have kept all the stock parts in case it sells interstate.
    Luckily SA hasn't gone down the RWC route (yet).
    We just transfer reg over the counter; no inspections except for vehicles from interstate.
    Easy job to put the SAI and stock airbox back on. Not sure if the 2nd flies removed are an issue with emissions, but these can be put back in also.
    With the TuneECU, simply hook up to a laptop and remap to suit whatever combo running at the time, no need for dyno $$.
    Have about 20 different maps to suit any configuration of mods.
    If you are test riding a stock SMT, ignore the choppy throttle - KTM set them up to cater for a variety of fuels and emission regs world wide. Hence the mods most of us mess about with.
  5. Sweet, I'll keep it in mind.
    Still a little over a month out yet, but after I've done my test rides and talked to the bank, if the KTM comes out on top, I'll definitely be in touch. ^.^
  6. I have decided to bite the bullet and get a 1290SD, so I have reduced the price on the SMT to $14k as is or $12.5k with a few bits returned to stock.
    The exhaust, intake and remap make a huge difference and easily worth the extra $.
    As I am half way between Adelaide and Melbourne, makes little difference in which city I buy the 1290, so can trailer the SMT to either (or reasonable detour) for nix.
    This week I'll be doing intermediate oil and filter change with Motorex 4T (next scheduled service in 3700km) and renewing SA Reg til late July.
    Someone will get a great bike - still trying to convince myself the 1290 is worth 2x the $$, but what can you do (officially cursed with the Orange Crush - in love with the KTM V-Twins).
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