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[Sold] 2010 Honda CB400 LAMS

Discussion in 'Archived' started by theterrier, Mar 21, 2014.

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  1. #1 theterrier, Mar 21, 2014
    Last edited: May 21, 2014
    Well - it's time this lovely, lovely, bike was handed over to the next lucky punter.
    I love this bike but, as we all tend to do, I've moved on to a slightly bigger bike ;-).

    2010 HONDA CB 400 (LAM's approved)

    PRICE: $5,900 (priced to sell quickly).
    (Yes - the bike will come with a roadworthy certificate).
    > 17,800KM's
    > Registered until AUG 2014

    Going CHEAP!!! Don't miss this 2010 Honda CB400. Fantastic bike, priced to go quickly! LAMS APPROVED. This bike is in great nick clean and goes an absolute treat! Ideal for a general commute or learner rider wanting something with a bit of go! I'd dearly love to keep this bike, but cannot warrant 2 bikes in the garage :-(

    I purchased this bike as a learner a few years back. It's been an amazing machine. Although I was initially a little hesitant about a 400 as my first bike (compared to a 250), after the first week I was hooked and never looked back.
    • This bike is in great nick! (few very minor scuffs)
    • Great colour scheme (well - I like it anyway).
    • Serviced by the book at E2W (Everything Two Wheels Fitzroy) - service history included.
    • Just had 18k service, including new air filter and new chain.
    • Tyres in great condition.
    • New Battery late 2013.
    • Bike is stock other than Oggie knobs (installed by Peter Stevens) when I purchased it.
    • Will also come with full bike cover for winter storage.
    Other items:
    *Can also negotiate a battery charger, with trickle charging point on there (additional).
    **Dainese Lofoten Gore-Tex Jacket (Black) also available, great condition (EU Size 46/medium) $250

    The bike can be looked at in Collingwood or Eltham area... of course, I can always ride it somewhere ;-)

    Please PM me for contact number.

  2. Perhaps put the mileage in less subtly so people don't go searching for it instead of looking at all the sizzle. Just a thought.
    Great bikes, can't bring myself to get rid of mine. think even if I do get something else I might just keep the Super Four. Go out to the shed and fire it up every now and then to remind me of how well it has treated me.
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  3. Ahh - I would not need much arm twisting to keep it, I must admit! Thanks for the thought on mileage - have updated.
  4. Price drop - $6800
  5. Alright - so, tomorrow the bike is going up on the "usual" sites, for the masses - so hit me up before then if you want to negotiate or talk turkey!
  6. #6 theterrier, Mar 28, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2014
    Also now advertised elsewhere ;-)

    PRICE Drop > $6,300
  7. I'm away for a few weeks (back May 10th) - so I'll lock the thread until then (as I'll not be near a computer). But the bike IS still up for grabs.
  8. OK! I'm back - and would love this bike to be sold - so, come on, make an offer!!
  9. Yep - price drop...again! $5,900... whoah!! It's a steal :)
  10. Indeed it's a real steal at that price! I'd suggest if you're not too desperate to get rid of it, just keep it until the right buyer comes by.
  11. Yeah I think I must be impatient ;-)
    My gut says "keep", but my mind (and wallet) say "sell".
    It is as low as I'll go at this stage, so will sit on it and see what happens (and try not to keep logging in and bargaining the price down with myself). I must say, at this stage I'm also kinda tempted to keep it as a project bike. That would be fun. We'll see. Thanks for the thoughts.
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