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[Sold] 2010 BMW F 800 R

Discussion in 'Archived' started by AznCruiser, Aug 29, 2014.

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  1. Im helping a mate out sell his bike, the bloke has helped me out so many times, and its what mates do right?......Anyway, bike detail time for those interested in an immaculate BMW :).

    Bike: 2010 BMW F 800 R
    Price: $8,600*
    Odometer: 15,000 km
    Colour: Silver
    Body: Naked
    Configuration: Liquid cooled, 4 stk, 2 Cyl, DOHC,
    Engine Capacity: 798 cc
    Reg Plate: RLR92
    Reg Expiry: 5 Months - January 2015
    Road Worthy Certificate: Yes
    Just PM me if your interested, and ill pass on your details to my mate.............

    gc5263992589265214479. gc4703836051049761441. gc5066701994217873771. gc4843921187171815347. gc4954729162314272624. gc5382686599874185489. gc5578939150488930474. gc5581719220674175469. gc5586170157859501704. gc5397152085781556868. gc4666680620800014231.
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  2. What's the reason for sale?
  3. It's boring as batshit.
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  4. same as most city folks really, space is a premium and not enough time in the bike...i can pass ya his number though, he should be able to tell ya why :)...
  5. Great little bike, and at that many kilometers the engine is only just starting to feel run in...
  6. I rode one through the Swiss alps a few years back; seemed to ride alright to me. They're fairly light with an easy, torquey motor. No big surprises of sudden onset powerbands, but highly rideable.
  7. Capable yes.

    Inspiring. No.

    They are the epitome of a "yes" man bike.

    Do all that is expected. Sycophant.

    Nothing wrong. Nothing right.
  8. #8 BitSar, Aug 30, 2014
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2014
    That said. Good luck with the sale.

    Not my bike. But not a bad one.
  9. Its a BMW its bound to be a good bike. I only wish I could afford it :(........

    To some people that non symmetrical (crazy eyes) is inspiring........but what would I know, ive got no artistic bone in my body lol.
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  10. bike has sold......
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