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[Sold] 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000

Discussion in 'Archived' started by lui, Feb 13, 2015.

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  1. Posting for a friend, I hope this is okay and not against forum policy.

    For sale: 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000, low kms and heaps of goodies, I mean serious upgrades, not just your usual slip-on and billet levers.
    • Carbon fibre rims
    • Arrow full system
    • Power commander 5
    • HID headlight
    • Billet levers and seat cowl
    • Only 13,xxx km
    Asking $9,000

    Take note: bike currently has WA rego and will be sold unregistered as the owner doesn't have time nor wants to muck about with NSW rego, so the bike is priced to sell.

    Before sceptics jump in to point out the obvious, I suggest interested parties to find out the process of registering an interstate motorcycle. Think about it, it would not be at this price if all the paper works are done. This is an unique opportunity if you are willing to do some leg work.

    Contact Mike for further details and to arrange inspection. (I will confirm if he's okay to post his number here or prefer PM.)

    Some pictures below...





  2. Delicious! DonĀ“t own the adequate pocket money!:eek:
  3. hmmm, I doubt anyone has ever just jumped in to point out the obvious on here.
    nice wheels though.
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  4. Then let me be the first to jump in and point out the obvious.

    It's a motorbike
  5. My apologies...I have seen it happened elsewhere, someone quick to jump in to say it's interstate and it's unregistered and it smells like a fish, blah blah blah, without actually knowing any background about the bike. Sorry again for my prejudice.
  6. That was triplicate!
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  7. Sweet bike! Love the arrow exhausts, they go really well with the bike! GLWS
  8. I am currently offshore working on an oil rig.

    Please send me the address of the bike and I will arrange transportation.
    Direct bank transfer preferred.
    Just send account number, full name, date of birth and passport number.

    Nice chicken strips.
  9. dont be sorry, just messing with you, i would probably buy this bike but doing the leg work is not really my thing- im more of a low hanging fruit kind of guy.

    i would rather see chicken strips on a bike up for sale than something that has had the rubber ridden off it :)
  10. Ide have that...looks like a bargain
  11. That's actually a very good point. :)

    Bike's possibly sold, someone put a deposit on it, but not sure about the balance payment yet, will have to figure out during the week.

    Will update again in any case.
  12. Sold. Cheers Guys!
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