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[Sold] 2009 Suzuki GSX 650F (LAMS)

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Rusti_GotRage, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Bike 2009 SUZUKI GSX650F LAMS
    Price $7,500 (neg)

    Odometer 10,361 kms (+some - I've been riding it to scrub in the rear tyre!)
    Body Sport Touring
    Colour Blue and White
    Engine Capacity 656
    Reg Plate HW632
    Reg Expiry SEP-13
    Road Worthy Certificate Yes

    VIN JS1CJ225300100227

    Bike is in EXCELLENT condition.
    Recently fitted with a brand new rear tyre and the front tyre has done less than 2,000 kms.
    Fitted with Oggy Knobs and comes with textile panniers and blue bar ends.
    Bike has been kept garaged and regularly serviced.
    Rides beautifully and teleports between traffic! :)
    Much loved but selling due to pregnancy. (Winston included!)


  2. Noooooooo, don't sell Winston!
  3. congrats on the 'parenthood' news :) I remember the day we picked this bike up, was like a bloody new bike, seems it hasnt changed, still spotless!! Great bike Rusty, good luck with the sale and regards to Shirl :)
  4. Thanks Goddie. Shirl will get back to riding after the lil' one is here, but she'll be looking for a slightly smaller bike and probably a naked - but with more power now she's off her restrictions! :p

    Meanwhile, Baby Blue is still looking for a new home...!
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  5. Baby Blue is still for sale - 2009 Suzuki GSX650-F great condition!
    Seems no one wants to buy when it's pissing down rain in the winter months! [Duh Me!]

    Odometer now at ~12500Km
    Getting a current roadworthy at 60 Degree's as I speak.
    Price for fellow netriders ~$6,500.... <neg>
  6. ### SOLD ###

    Thanks to all interested parties, but Baby Blue has gone on to a new home where he will no doubt be ridden like he was meant to be! Huzzah!!
  7. Closing thread!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.