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[Sold] 2009 Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Archived' started by jdimitri, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. #1 jdimitri, Feb 27, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2013
    RETRACTED- Got it set up by Charlie at Turn One and fell in love all over again, sorry folks!

    Up for sale or trade is my '09 Street Triple R in Orange.
    Comes with a fair few extras including:
    -Flyscreen & visor
    -Crash knobs
    -Arrow slip-on exhaust (street legal :D) with removable baffle (which makes it not so street legal)
    -Ventura frame and bag
    -Pazzo levers
    -Wilbers rear suspension
    -Matching rear seat cowl

    Not installed: Original triumph bar-end mirrors

    The bike is clean and looks like it's never had a crash but does have bit of a scratch on the crash knob. My guess is it dropped from a standstill.
    No marks on the mirror or any other part of the bit though so it's possible the last owner just turned a corner badly?
    It's got 30k on the meter, barely run in!

    It was purchased from QLD and the dill of a dealer lost the service book and manual somewhere between there and VIC. I was compensated a bit and they paid for an oil change just to make sure it's in good running condition.

    While I had it for the year or so, I've replaced the battery due to R/R issue.
    Since then, the rectifier/regulator was replaced by Peter Stevens under a current recall. No problems since then!

    Will post pics soon, do post your interest here if you have something you reckon might interest me!

    In terms of trade, looking for a CB400 (preferably ABS) or a Yamaha BeeWee/Sachs Madass 125 for the missus! Amount of top-up cash can be discussed if a suitable trade is found!
    Why do it? I only commute on the bike and a smaller bike suits a lad of my size a bit better.

    Otherwise, looking for $xxx inc. RWC. Rego ends in May!

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  2. That thing is beautiful. If you wanted a Duke, we'd be trading tomorrow ...
  3. So where are the piccies of the missus? :)
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  4. how's the sale going? any bites yet?
  5. Gorgeous bike!
    Best of luck with the sale mate.
  6. Hey mate I'm very interested.

    I've got a blue 2010 CB400 in mint condition, with service manuals (next one due in 2000km).

    Not the ABS model sorry. Has a screaming demon slip on with removable baffle, and I also have the stock exhaust.

    If interested please contact me :)
  7. Here's some more details of my bike:

    got spare key, got manual, got purchase receipts, rego until Dec 24th 2013. Never been dropped, looks great :)
  8. Iv got a 2012 cbr1000rr id happily swap you for!
  9. Why is everyone selling their street triples? Am I missing something here?
    I love mine to bits and never want to part with it, and I paid a damn sight more than $9000 for it. Bargin.
    Good luck with the sale.
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  10. yeah good question clemo.
    now if everyone could stop putting up bargains like this you could hopefully try to forget what you paid for yours :p
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  11. noooo lol... mind you.. if you went with the sachs madass i might be able to keep up... DO IT! lol

    good luck with the sale mate :)
  12. Retracted, sorry chaps!
  13. Were you out riding it last night in Moorabbin? Saw an almost identical bike out that way last night. Guy was loving it....
  14. Well done. You made the right decision. Happy riding :)
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