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[Sold] 2009 Kawasaki ER-6NL LAMS

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by daniel270991, Jan 1, 2014.

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  1. #1 daniel270991, Jan 1, 2014
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    First off, Happy New Year to all my fellow NR’s, hoping the New Year brings joy & prosperity to all.

    I am offering up for sale my ER-6nL, after some tough decisions. I will be looking for a big adventure bike shortly as I will be commuting up to country Vic oftently this year (family members and holiday house) and will be needing a bike to handle the dirt as well.

    To the bike. There is a bunch to explain, but I will try to make it as short & sweet as I possibly can.

    She’s a 09’ model (the newer shape ER-6) in the ‘L’ (or Learner) specification – that is, it comes restricted from new (but explained below – super easy to make to full power). It is the Candy Plasma Blue color by Kawasaki – possibly one of the best looking they make.

    It has just a tick over 4,500 kilometers (at current - Feb 14) and literally has been just run in. These engines are literally bulletproof, extremely strong, robust and extremely reliable.

    I have personally invested a wealth of time and effort into bringing the bike as it is now – and has been extremely well kept, looked after and cared for. I’ve probably cleaned it after every ride, given it multiple details, and it really shows.
    I have always filled her up with Ultimate 98 from BP at every fill.

    It has a bunch of tasteful modifications to it, that make it look like a real street fighting machine, as I’ll list here. Most are cosmetic items, as well as a few comfort and safety bits too:

    - Black ER6n Side Shrouds & Speedo Housing
    - Ixil LX3 Dual Hyperlow Exhaust (with original box, accessories, and 2 x baffles)
    - Rox Speed FX Handlebar risers (Black)
    - Targa Tail/Fender Eliminator with LED indicators + LED Xenon numberplate globe
    - Euroline Platinum White 7500K Low & High Beam globes + Zenon W5W Parkers
    - MC Motorparts Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers (CNC Black) with adjustment selector (Blue)
    - CNC Tomok Mirrors (Black)
    - MC Motorparts CNC Paddock Stand 10mm Spools (Black)
    - Keiti Additions 2 piece clear tank protector
    - “Kawasaki ER6n” wheel logo decals (with blue ‘N’)

    The exhaust is possibly the best feature of the bike – compared to the original. The noise is breathtaking, a real and true ‘thump’ from a twin noise. The volume is obviously heightened from the original, but in my eyes, adds a ton of safety to riding. But nevertheless, the noise is awesome! The handlebar risers (Speed FX) add around 1-2 inches to the height of the bars, which gives a more comfortable riding position as well.

    In terms of servicing, it has only had the one service since new (have the records + history as below). Periodically, I changed the oil at around 3,000 kilometres to some Belray EXS 15-50W Full Synth Oil, with a genuine Kawasaki Oil Filter, just for peace of mind (have had very good results with Belray). I also ordered a genuine drain plug & washer at the same time and put on at the change.

    Apart from that, I have always kept on top of the small things (chain/sprocket cleaning, lubricating, etc) and has never let me down at all. I do have the original parts from the bike – and a few extras that will go with the bike as well – listed here:

    - Brand New Oil Filter (Genuine Kawa) Part # 16097-0004
    - Brand New Air Filter (Genuine Kawa) Part # 11029-0011
    - Original Brake + Clutch Levers
    - Original Exhaust + all mounting
    - Original Tail with Indicators
    - Original CPU and Bolts for restriction

    As far as the ‘L’ restriction goes, there is only a Phillips screw and an electrical plug that electronically and physically restricts the bike – which are extremely easy to remove and install. I have been riding it without the restriction and is extremely noticeable in difference with the restrictions in. More torque and response are the obvious outcomes!

    I think I have explained as much as I can – in as short as I can! I am in not of a real rush to sell it – but I am sure the new owner (in time) will have an absolutely fantastic bike, a one of a kind machine. I continue to get a heap of comments on how it looks, and the sound, of course. It literally looks brand new.

    Roadworthy and Registration are included, but can be negotiated, of course. With the baffles in the exhaust, it would be passable for RWC, with also some bigger indicators at the rear. Very easy to change, but can all be discussed and negotiated. Looking for around $7999 $7250 for it at the moment, but of course, negotiable as always.

    Please do let me know if you have absolutely any questions, concerns or queries, will be more than happy to assist.

    Thanks guys, Dan




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  2. Bumping her up -

    Have updated the price in the post above.

    Will soon be putting bigger rear indicators on the tail tidy - something like in the below picture. These should pass a RWC as the ones on there are a little small.


    screen capture
  3. I think you are going to need a longer rear fender to pass RWC.
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  4. Not too sure if I will mate. Normally I take my bike(s) to a local bike shop here in Point Cook and I know of the owner quite well. Had a RS125 that has a similar tail and was passed, but alas, the original tail tidy is included any way just to be sure.

    Cheers D
  5. Updated price and kilometers - has now 4,500 odd (still really low for its age)

    Registration will be renewed until March 2015, have no issues renewing it, and don't have plans to let it lapse.

    An addictive bike really suited for any rider... she's a beast!

    Let me know if you have any questions/concerns
  6. Hi

    Still for sale?


  7. PM'ed you mate, still available.
    Cheers Dan
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