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[Sold] 2009 Honda CB1000R

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Scarfo88, May 18, 2013.

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  1. #1 Scarfo88, May 18, 2013
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    Price: $9,000 with RWC

    Km's 24,XXXKms
    Rego til Nov 2015


    Yoshi exhaust
    Rizoma bar end mirrors
    Rizoma Grips
    Oggy Crash Knobs
    Tail tidy
    Rhok wheel lights

    All original items included as well.

    I love this bike, you will love this bike, it ticked all the boxes once I came off my restrictions, easy learning curve ( went from vtr250 to this bad boy). Used as a daily commuter suburbs to city. Owned for a few years now and since 13,000kms being well looked after, garaged over night and high octane in Thomastown looking after my services

    I bought this off a netrider member and would love to sell it to another.

    reason for sale is the toyota 86 in my garage plus a few other new hobbies.





    Buy it before i change my mind please

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  2. Looks like a nice ride!!! good luck with the sale buddy(y)
  3. Cheers mate,

    This bike needs a new loving home, don't be shy.
  4. Month of June special, I will take $8500 with no road worthy. come on peeps great deal :)
  5. oh my goodness. 10k was too much for me but 8500 I could do. Problem is I got an FZ1 in the meantime.........
  6. #6 tonee, Jun 2, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2013
    OMG 8500!!!!!! sorry if i got you excited when you saw this notification but like Myoda I've got a Striple to get rid of before I could get yours! Damn that is one bike I'd like to own one day.

    I'll take it if you could find someone to buy my Street Triple for the same price.
  7. Keep the Streety! Yes this is priced really well etc but you'd be mad to step off a Street for it
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  8. Aren't we all a little mad. When I bought this bike, I test road a street and speed triple along with a lot of others. This bike doesn't feel like a 1000, I put it down to its low centre of gravity. Hard to explain i was just drawn to it. The heart wants it wants.
  9. Well I guess we are all a little mad haha. I test rode one after I sold my 600RR, the SSSA is a big drawcard they're so tidy, and this should walk out the door at this price.

    Not more than a month ago I actually thought I might look at the CB1000R and where the prices are now, then promptly pissed myself laughing when everyone wanted 11k plus for one still, so at $8500 I'm surprised there aren't people lined up with cash to take it :)
  10. We'd all be clutching at it, if we weren't all concerned about Melbourne's economic situation. Now is a terrible time to be selling anything. Very few can say their jobs aren't at risk!

    Definitely a beautiful bike. I'd buy it if I had a guaranteed stable job!!
  11. This bike is the devil on your shoulder.... I hear it now. "Buy me"
  12. That is pretty......I've always lusted after the CB1000R - a very nice stealth street bike with plenty of torque and get up and go.

    Good luck with the sale - I wish I was in a position to look at it as a serious buyer.
  13. still for sale peeps
  14. just to be clear, you have the original exhaust for roady?
  15. Yes I have the original exhaust and rear tail assembly both needed for road worthy
  16. Thanks for that, if its still for sale ill have an inspection when I get back from the states :)
  17. no worries mate hope to hear from you soon.
  18. This bad boy is still for sale,

    Currently at 21,xxxkms rego due next month will pay it if bought this month aswell
  19. I need to ban myself from looking at this thread.

    Photos in OP should be flagged as p0rn.
  20. Tempting, tempting. Let me talk to the wife.
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