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[Sold] 2008 Yamaha R6 (Track Bike)

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Simple One, Sep 4, 2015.

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  1. Hi All,

    Selling my R6 track bike as it is not getting enough use and I'm getting more involved with dirt bikes these days and need to fund a new habit!.

    If you want to get out to the track (or out more frequently) to improve your riding without having to worry about crashing your pride and joy or day to day transport, then this is a great option. The 600's are a good sized bike to learn on, there is no electronics masking your mistakes but they're more forgiving of errors (particularly with the throttle) than the 1000's.

    The bike has been used by me solely for track riding. It was purchased as a track bike by me and I don't have any of the road parts or fairings. It has done about 10 track days with me and has ~15,500km's on it (I believe it was converted to a track bike with about ~13,250 km's).

    The bike was once low sided at turn 5 of Eastern Creek by me which resulted in no real damage except a lever that needed replacing, some scratches to the exhaust and gravel rash on the instrument panel (which is still operating fine, just a bit scratched). I've done approximately four track days on the bike since then and it rides very well. The fairings were replaced after the crash so the photos below are of the bike as it is now (not before the crash or anything shady).

    The bike comes with the following:
    520 conversion
    PC3 with custom map
    Custom link pipe and GYTR muffler
    GB Racing engine covers
    Swing arm bobbins
    T-Rex racing rear axle blocks + sliders (work brilliantly with the T-Rex strapless trailer restraints to make the whole process of trailering a bike much easier!)
    Race glass
    Printed workshop service manual
    Misc basic parts like sprockets, spare levers, spare rear sets (OEM) and exhaust (OEM) etc.

    Optional parts:
    Front and rear axle sliders ($50)
    Annitori RL Gen 2 quickshifter ($100, I was planning to use on another bike, but will sell with this bike if you want it)
    Spare Zero Gravity screen ($25)

    I can also throw in a set of road tyres if anyone wants them for doing things like CSS etc (the timing of the day makes it hard to manage tires that require warmers).

    Price: $5,500
    Please PM me if you want to discuss the bike or email: k.i.hampel @ gmail.com






Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.