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[Sold] 2008 Triumph Sprint ST 1050

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Mr Messy, Jul 8, 2015.

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  1. #1 Mr Messy, Jul 8, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2015
    Hi netriders, long time no see! Hope you all have been well - I have been better. Bad news for me is good news for you though. Up for sale is my two wheeled first-child. Im lead to believe it is always hardest to see your firstborn child leave the nest and so will it be for me here (and yes I am totally ignoring the excuse for a bike I had for my L/P time...).

    Why am I selling my baby? Old timers here may remember me saying before I was having trouble riding due to an injury. Well these days it has made it near impossible for me to ride more than about 15-20 minutes at a time without days of pain as a result.

    So, with much sadness and regret, its time to sell my weapon. I am listing it here first to see how I go with you lot.


    2008 Triumph Sprint ST 1050
    Rego OKH-24
    Registered until 10/09/2015.
    Bike is located near Newcastle NSW.

    *The bike has not been 'parked-up' for a long period or anything like that - it would be out for its short ride at least twice a month.

    Tyres are Pilot Road 2's, front ~70%, rear ~60%

    Ill list the bad things first:
    - It has a single scratch of note on one of the panniers (per the photo)
    - It does have a few wear and tear marks as you could expect of any bike
    - I no longer have the stock levers (**more on this near the end)

    Onto the good stuff. The modifications I have done.
    - All luggage options fitted
    - Suspension reworked by Gladstone Triumph for two up riding - set up for 120kg instead of 80kg stock. This makes the bike a little firmer for one up/lighter people also, which isnt a bad thing. There is no lowering link used (a common weak point).
    - Power Commander and AutoTune fitted (currently stock tuned)
    - K&N Air Filter fitted
    - Radguard radiator guard fitted
    - MRA Windscreen fitted
    - Ventura headlight protector fitted
    - Corbin gunfighter seat fitted
    - R&G Crash Knobs fitted (can be removed)
    - Pro-oiler automatic chain oiler fitted
    - Twisted throttle auxiliary fuse box fitted (and many additional electrical connectors provided)
    - Bags connection powered tank ring and bag
    - RAM mount for GPS/Camera fitted
    - Adjustible rear footsets fitted
    - ASV Racing Levers fitted
    - Clear indicator lenses fitted
    - AGM Battery

    The extras, goodies, and stock bits included:
    - Staintune exhaust set (stock currently fitted, was for rego)
    - YKK cable to connect a computer to the ECU
    - Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreen, stock also included
    - Stock seat
    - Oxford heaterz heated grips
    - Triumph genuine anodized black front brake reservoir
    - Powerbronze front mudguard extender
    - Throttlemeister heavy throttle lock
    - Triumph top box backrest
    - Powerlet PAC-012 (changes Triumph power socket to standard cigarette socket)
    - Haynes Sprint ST workshop manual
    - Tomcat mini air compressor
    - Original Triumph owners pouch with owners manual etc
    - 4 litres of AMSOIL 10w40, arguably the best motorcycle oil in the world
    - 3x K&N KN-204 Oil Filters
    - EBC DoubleH Brake Pads front and rear spares
    - 2x Osram Nightbreaker spare headlights
    - A brand new solid state mosfet power regulator (I had intended to fit this to increase the power capacity of the bike, but frankly didnt get around to it)
    - Original rear footsets
    - Original Triumph toolset
    - Stock indicator lenses (and a spare after I damaged the mirror arm removing the mirror mount)
    - Kryptonite ground anchor
    - Bully Chain
    - Abloy 342 hardened padlock
    - Xena disc lock
    - Helmetlok... well... helmet lock!

    **Ok the levers - I had fitted my ASV's and gave away the stock levers to a chap on the triumphrat forums who had one of his stolen.

    As you can see i have spent 1000s on this bike. This is to your benefit in the end. The parts and spares alone will save you a significant investment that any serious motorcyclist would need to make.
    Any questions or queries, send me a message!

    Photos 1/3
    Higher res is available on request.
    01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08.

    edit: Correcting tyre name, i called em ProPilot xD!
    edit 2: Forgot to add where the bike is!
    edit 3: noticed i wrote MSA instead of MRA windscreen...
  2. Photos 2/3
    09. 10. 11. 12.
  3. Photos 3/3
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  4. Nice Mr Messy. I wish you were a little closer, I would of definitely considered this bike. This model has the metal tank?
  5. Heya mate been a while :). Yep metal tank.
  6. So sad to have to sell such a well-loved bike :(
  7. Is there a Gladstone in NSW I thought it was Qld...
    Nice bike and so many mods and extras...
    I could in December but not yet.
    Sorry to hear you can't ride your love anymore :(
  8. That was when I was up in Queensland! :) Sorry I really ought to have put that in the top - big omission, ill add it.
    Located Newcastle NSW.
  9. Sold, cheers guys.
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