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[Sold] 2008 Suzuki GS500

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Dave_the_waterlogged, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. Sold!

    For sale is my 2008 GS500, price $4500 neg.

    Make: Suzuki
    Model: GS500
    Colour: Blue and white
    Year: 2008
    Rego: Paid up till Feb 2013.
    kms: 25600 but I'm riding it every day so obviously that'll change
    RWC: Yep. Though obviously I get that once I have a buyer. Would take something off the price if you wanted to get that yourself.
    Servicing: 60 Degrees, they'll be happy to chat about the bike to you. Has just had a major service, and will have new front pads and rear tyre as part of RWC.
    Extras: Front suspension valve emulators, rear venturer rack(but not the bag), fly screen.

    I purchased this in Dec 2010 just after getting my L's. It had 10,000km on it at the time. It now has 25,600km on it, and during the last 15 months has not let me down. Its done twisties (though not often enough dammit), an interstate trip and daily commuting and given me no grief whatsoever. I think was one of the best bikes that I as a heavier chap could have picked.

    Its been serviced by 60 Degrees during my ownership.

    Its just had its major service so valves etc have all been redone. The chain and sprockets were replaced at the previous service. Will be sold with RWC.

    (the bag is not included in the sale)

    Nothing wrong with the bike at all, just time to upgrade. Its looked after me while I've been learning, and its now time for it to look after someone else.

    The front suspension has been tweaked via the addition of some valve emmulators to reduce the diving under brakes associated with the GS500. This made a huge difference. Front national screens fly screen which reduced the wind, and rear venturer rack.


  2. Good bike at a good price! I know we have some people looking for GS500 type bikes so good luck Dave!
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  3. Thanks mate - its been good to me, but its time for it to look after a new learner now...


  4. They are a great bike to learn on, good luck with the sale..
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  5. This has to be a record. Its also on the trading post (I've got the new bike in my sights, so need to sell this one) - in the time it took me to walk out of the building and grab a coffee, I got my first spam sms offering me over 200 above the listed price. Ain't technology grand :)
  6. Awesome! :shock:
  7. I am quietly awed by it. Actually, if people want to see photos they are on the trading post site - I just cant access my web hosting from work.

    Funny thing is, the other halfs VTR-250 is on bike sales, and I've had no scams at all. There must be something about the trading post site that allows bots to trawl it easily and spam people who have the number visible.

    It was a very generic message ' I want to buy your bike, will pay 200 over your price, email me at', so it wasnt even pulling details from the add. I'm less impressed now actually...
  8. I had a shitload of scams from bikesales, at least two dozen
  9. Photos uploaded...
  10. You might want to scale those down a bit.
  11. You're not wrong. Will have to wait till I"m home again though - firewall issues once again...


  12. Mind you, it's good seeing pics of the bike on a 1:1 scale
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