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[Sold] 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

Discussion in 'Archived' started by abvc, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. $7499
    - extra air & oil filter
    - new rego till FEB 2012
    - new oil & oil filter
    - full printed workshop manual
    - tank holder for engine service
    - 4 extra spark plugs
    - original keys, parts, etc
    - 2-way remote alarm system

    - include head stem & rear wheel stand.

    - serious buyer only
    - never been tracked
    - regular oil change, ~10000 switched to semi synth.
    - good for track, or everyday use.
    - 95% always use 98+ octane.
    -15000 km
    http://s221.photobucket.com/albums/dd255/abvc12/ZX6R -/?action=view&current=2.jpg
  2. hello?? <snip long text>
  3. Kawasaki is running a cash back scheme at the moment, which makes your asking price the same as a spankers zx10 - incase you're wondering about the lack of interest. V nice bike though.
  4. yeah just you know, it's been refined. 13k for zx10? bloody kawasaki! thanks for the comment tho.
  5. jeez thats cheap for a 10
  6. Yeah mate, $14990 rideaway for a new ZX-6 is the latest kwaka special, just to let you know
  7. anybody interested for $10,000?
  8. 10k is 07 ZX10R good condition price up here... the market is absolutely rooted at the moment. I just got a brand new ZX6R in white for 12k. Best of luck with the sale, they are indeed the last of its kind and a nice bike for a Team Green fan.
  9. price update $9000 with rego till next year, new oil & oil filter.


    pm or leave a message here.
  10. Good luck, abvc - great looking bike mate :)
  11. posted the dmg
  12. price drop! 7500l. short in cash. very ok bike, won't dissapoint. broken in, every 5k oil change, garaged.
  13. sold to PS ringwood.
  14. Just out of curiosity... how much did you get?
  15. Good to hear you got rid of it in the end one way or another.
  16. Congrats abvc !
    As bike sold, thread will now be closed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.