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[Sold] 2008 Honda VFR800

Discussion in 'Archived' started by bretto61, May 27, 2013.

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  1. I've had this thing for five years now, and still have only done 2,500k's on it.
    Think Spots (Ash) was the last to ride it, and that's the only time it's been ridden this year. Actually went to ride it on the weekend and saw it was out of rego. Found the rego papers and paid that. Didn't even get the cover fully off it. :-(
    Anywho never been dropped. I've only given it too it once and that was enough for me to put it in the back of the shed and leave it for a few years. Personally I think their a heap of shit, But you might like it.
    So it has new tyres, oil, fluids and rego well 11 months.. It gets serviced when I do my other bikes whether I've ridden it or not.... Usually not.... so it only has 9998k's
    Pipes are Leo Vince and I have the std cans as well.
    It's going to rust away if I leave it as is.....under a blanket at the back of the garage with a couple of dead bikes and a broken bed for company....lol true.
    I want lots...say $8,500 but I'm open to a little lee way.
    IMAG0175. 2011-09-17 08.39.29. 2011-09-17 08.40.22. 2011-09-17 08.40.59. gc4889882882156146766.

  2. OMG this is one piece of beautiful machinery. I've seen that bike a few times around Sydney. (I'm sure it's the only one with that HRC colour?) I've also spotted one at Nashos and around the city. Could be you?
  3. Nope ... It's never been off the Sunshine Coast. And had very little time on the road there lol
  4. I wish, I wish :(

    Lots of luck with the sale, mate, and I hope someone who is going to love it gets it...
  5. lol it needs some luv....doesn't get it from me. Must be a female bike
  6. Would you take a 95 VFR and two non-running MC19 Honda 250s as a part payment? lol
  7. I've come the full circle Hornet. I use to ride for fun. Then almost two decades of riding for a living. And now I want to ride for fun again.
    So roadies are going. It's not fun on the road cause the police haven't got a sense of humour.... and I don't blame them. I handed in my Ticket to train.
    So it's back to where I enjoyed riding. The dirt! Only thing that limits your speed is your balls. You get clapped being for being a hoon. And you laugh like hell when you fall.... well when you regain consciousness.
    And no cant put knobbies on a viffer... I tried
  8. Gorgeous bike bretto61 !
    Im sure it won't be in your hands too long.
    Not necessary, but I'll say it anyway : Good luck :)
  9. Apart from not being ridable on dirt - how come you dont like it?

    Good luck with he sale mate!
  10. #10 bretto61, May 28, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: May 28, 2013
    It's not I don't like the bike, they are a good bike. The closest I had to an all rounder before was an ST4s. The Viffer use to win the in comparo's.... yeah not for mine. The Duc has soul. Even with the pipes the viffer has.....It's too nice and bores the crap out of me basically.
    It's a compromise bike and it should have compromised more to the touring side than the sports side. They made it look sporty, they gave it the lack of storage a sporty has and used a twenty year old motor against modern sports motors you will find in other marques compromises.
    It's the same weight as a ZX14. And down 100hp on the ZX14. The ZX14 is comfier to ride and just as easy to ride as the viffer. All depends on how stupid you are with the ZX14. But if your that dumb the Viffer wont have much trouble killing you either.

    But the bottom line is I have had to ride 6 to seven days a week for almost twenty years. Broken hips, backs, collar bones, severed calf muscle. Bad case of Ross river, flu's, bugs and viruses. Don't matter jack.... get on that bike and ride boyo. Every bloody day! Rain hail or shine.
    So quite frankly I am sick to death of riding on the road. I still have to ride five days a week for work. That will do me.... well long as I have a dirty and a track bike still downstairs I will be content.
  11. That bike looks gorgeous. If it's still for sale come tax return time I may be taking a road trip up your way bretto!
  12. haha could still be for sale.
    I don't care if I sell it or not. Just a shame to see it waste away and not be ridden or loved :-(
  13. Dont sell it Brett!, Ill be on opens in like 3months and we can ride! aha.

  14. Keep it for another two years and sell it to me? ill pay you interest of 7%p.a

  15. Could be me ;) I've got a tri-coloured, and I've spotted at least one more at Robertson Pie Shop one Sunday.

    What's the last number(s) of the VIN? The tri-colours have a separate series to the normal ones, mines #9.

  16. Well I wouldn't have the slightest clue of the VIN - bugger if I could be bothered. I'd be too busy drooling how pristine the colours shine on this bike. And I just googled that this is the special anniversary edition!
  17. Is this an Interceptor "Viffer" - the US one?

    I've not seen an Aussie one in that livery before.
  18. That's not surprising, it's special Honda Works racing colour edition and it was rare to begin with....
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