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[Sold] 2008 Honda CB400

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Brmmm, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]


    Great LAMS bike. Asking $6300.

    Has 36,200 km and just had the major service done by Ric Andrews at Gosford.

    Comes with 12 months rego and lots of extras:

    Has Oxford heated grips. These are connected via a relay so that there is no chance of leaving them on and draining your battery. I also used the relay to power up a GPS and GoPro but these do not come with bike :D

    You can see it has had a tail tidy done and some nicer indicators installed at the back. Also included are the original bits if you want to return it to stock.

    Also has some lower wider bars installed but also included is the original handlebar.

    Rim stickers and right angled valves on the rims. One of those tank protector things on the tank.

    Tyres are Angel ST and have about 75% left in them. Importantly, you can impress your mates with the lack of chicken strips! On the same note the 'hero blob' on the left peg has been "reduced" a bit - apologies about the right one, it seems untouched by bitumen.

    Comes with both keys, owners manual, full service history, intact toolkit.

    The only issue with the bike is a few scratches on the engine cover (see last pic) from a stationary drop. You probably wouldn't notice them if I didnt point them out. Needless to say the bike has never been crashed and never been tracked.

    PM me if interested. I'm up on the Central Coast. I would be happy to deliver to Sydney or Newcastle if required.
  2. Price Drop: now $6000.

    netrider only special
  3. mmm, surprised to be not getting much interest in this. Would it be better if I returned it to stock?
  4. My young bloke wants it...... but he needs to find his ass a job!
    Hang in there, they're a great bike.
  5. Yes, correct. I'm yet to see a better LAMS. Price is good. Mods are nice. Could be biased, I guess.

    I will not wait much longer as it has full years worth of rego just being wasted. (well 10months left now anyhow)

    I will be putting it up on bikesales soon for $6300.

    As they say, "this offer won't last long"
  6. Probably would, unmolested stuff seems to appeal more to buyers.
  7. Thanks. That's a bit of a pain, but I guess I could then sell the bits separately. I'd probably just keep the heated grips as back up for mine as I have the same ones on my new bike.
  8. Heated grips are ok, me, I'd leave them on at this time.of the year. Good luck with it
  9. That means keeping the bars.

    I'm definitely not taking out the right angled valves. That would be crazy. I could take off the rim stickers and tank protector LOL.

    I could also remove the GoPro mount on the brake fluid reservoir. That was a little bonus. haha

    I guess, that really only leaves the tail tidy. and rear indicators. Easy enough, maybe I'll do it this week.

    Thanks for the input.
  10. They are a popular bike but there are a few for sale, your pricing is ok you might just have to be patient. Everything sells if priced right, the time it takes is luck most of the time.
  11. So Mr John what are you going to replace this with????
    Yeah I also think stock is better but i think its a weather thing atm.
  12. Hey, where've you been? You totally missed my new bike thread and all.

    Its in my sig - Ducati GT1000. It goes brmmm brmmm a lot more than the CB400 but not sure if it can quite get around the tight bits of the Old Pac as quick. The CB is very nimble and flickable compared to the Ducati. Hopefully might improve things a lot when i get some decent rubber on it.
  13. Hey bud,

    Yeah I did miss the thread but i will go looking for it now that i know.
    Ive got to sell my GS500F too I just havent got around to it :)
    Im keeping away from the old pac atm 6 hwy patrols in 26 kms of road is over kill and they want to so motorcyclist a message.:cry:
  14. Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm even regularly seeing them on week days now at the really quiet times. Its a worry.
  15. [​IMG]

    added by request
  16. Price Drop to $5,500!!!
  17. Havent you sold this one yet?
  18. Not been trying too hard. When I take it out for a run its still a lot of fun. I'd be inclined to keep it but the Mrs says she needs more space in the garage and won't let me spend the dollars I need to upgrade the Ducati LOL.
  19. Hey mate,
    Bit of a long shot but still for sale?

  20. Bike is sold. :bigtears:
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Not open for further replies.