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[Sold] 2008 Honda CB400 LAMS

Discussion in 'Archived' started by POMMEYBIKER, Apr 6, 2016.

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  1. Winter Sale! in Dulwich Hill - reply to this thread or PM me



    All service receipts, 2 Keys

    CB400 2008 with ABS in HRC colours which is kind of a rare thing with these

    Only bike model in the LAMS market that has Hondas famous combined ABS with 4 cylinder screamer engine (Combined ABS initiates the rear brake automatically when the front is under heavy heavy load even if you dont touch the rear brake) in 2008 this was way way ahead of its time. Alot of bikes have ABS but not combined ABS

    LED indicators (not pictured)

    Belly Pan

    Screaming Demon Muffler (With 2 baffles) - Will throw in a full Moriwaki 'copy' exhaust system in for free

    Ventura Rack + Bag

    Flat Drag Bar (Original Bars included and also some aluminum clip ons)

    Bar end mirrors (Original included and another set of Aftermarket mirrors)

    Oggy Knobs


    Brand new 98% Pilot Road 4 front and rear

    1 year old Yuasa battery

    K&N performance Air Filter

    Fork seals done on last service

    All bulbs replaced

    Next service is minor and is due at 48000km

    REGO expires Late Oct 2016

    Garaged at home and at work

    Comes with wind screen

    Never Tracked

    Never dropped (Ridden by experianced rider)

    Used for commuting, easy going; speed limited miles

    Owned by young Father, carefully ridden

    Cleaned more often than my own child

    Always warmed up

    Convertable turbo diesel

    No test rides but I can pillion you if you want to feel and hear the quality of the ride, it still goes smooth

    Engine feels like its just broken in (Honestly, its finally more free revving)

    All the vtec

    Stone guard on headlight, tried to make it street fightery

    Always Serviced at Loydd Penn

  2. Hey there, bike still for sale?
  3. Sorry its not for sale anymore. I had setup finance and test ridden a bike and all seemed to be well, I was so certain I was trading. Then I took a second test ride at the last minute and I didn't like it! I did a total 180 and am now keeping this amazing bike (For now).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.