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[Sold] 2007 Suzuki Intruder 250LC

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by dos4gw, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Up for sale is my pride and joy, 2007 Suzuki Intruder 250LC.


    This bike includes:
    kilometres - 14,747 of them so far, ~6,000 added by me
    stock engine
    stock handlebars
    stock mirrors
    stock speedo
    stock chain
    stock seat
    non stock oil - replaced despite my insistence that it seemed fine
    non stock tyres - again, replaced even though they weren't rotting/falling off, madness
    stock toolkit
    unfitted 3rd party leather panniers - bought by the previous owner, and not fitted by me because honestly who has the time
    bike cover - in shitty condition because the previous owner needed to use it a lot, however it has sat crumpled in a corner of my garage since I bought it as this bike has her own bedroom indoors
    wheel lock - unused by me, work parking is secure as is her bedroom at home

    I will even throw in 2/3 of a tank of fuel - an added value of ~$8.

    This bike has been perfect for me in the first couple of years of my riding life. I'm late to the party (started at 28 ) and wanted something gentle that I could use to learn the ropes and do the occasional trip out into country Victoria. The Intruder has delivered this without putting a foot wrong. It feels bulletproof. I've used it for occasional highway commuting which it has excelled at. No problems with a pillion either. After 2 years of solid service, and after some time riding a rental NC700 in the US, I feel like it's time to upgrade to something more powerful.

    Some faults you would notice include:
    small scuff on the pipe and on the right 'bar end, due to the previous owner putting it down while stationary - not sure how she managed that because honestly it's not a difficult bike to handle with a low centre of gravity
    some very light spots of surface rust here and there
    a few small, light scratches on the tank - appropriate for her age but no dents or damage to the tank
    numberplate held on with zip ties (blue, included in purchase price)

    Last service was at 12,000kms and I have the factory logbook with servicing details. Rego is valid until either Feb or March '15, will check that. RWC will be included upon sale. I'm located in Heidelberg Heights.

    Asking $4200 or equivalent in Phrenobian wooden dollars.

    More pictures:


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