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[Sold] 2007 Honda CBR600RR

Discussion in 'Archived' started by wentworthmeister, Oct 15, 2015.

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  1. #1 wentworthmeister, Oct 15, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2015
    2007 Honda CBR600RR - Limited Edition Candy Tahitian Blue

    Selling due to having ridden only once in the past two years.

    Make: Honda
    Model: CBR600RR
    Year: 2007
    Colour: Limited Edition Candy Tahitian Blue
    Kms: ~27,000
    Rego: Expires December 2015

    Condition: Mechanically perfect, never had any problems. Purchased from Dougz (not sure if he's still around these parts) in 2009 and serviced by 60 Degrees Motorcycles during my ownership - last major service showed the engine in fantastic condition (valve clearances all within spec etc).

    The bike went down at Phillip Island a while back - a low speed lowside at Honda corner (served me right for getting greedy and heading out during the last session of the day); this resulted in some damage to the RHS of the bike - see photos for detail. All the important parts have been replaced (e.g. engine cover), but the swingarm has some scratches, the plastic fairings still show some cosmetic damage and the brake lever / foot pegs / mirror are slightly ground.

    The bike has just been to 60 Degrees again for a pre-RWC check; it only needs the original exhaust put back in (the Micron slip-on currently fitted is too loud) and an OEM rear fender/reflector fitted to be compliant. They also provided a quote for repairing all the parts currently showing any damage; to get it back to mint condition cosmetically would be in the vicinity of $2K, or nearly $3K including painting the swingarm (labour intensive to remove and refit it).

    As such, I'm asking $6000 for the bike in it's current condition, including RWC items completed and RWC certificate provided to buyer. This is how I've been riding the bike for the last 3 years - the damage is purely cosmetic and it hasn't bothered me at all. Alternatively, if you're looking for a track bike and don't care about the RWC, I'll take $5500 for the bike as-is without registration or RWC. If I don't get any interest, I'll consider getting all the cosmetic repair work done, at which point the price will increase accordingly.

    Updated photos - more here: Honda CBR600RR:




  2. I've literally just made an account so that I can register my interest and maybe find out a bit more about this beautiful-looking bike (couldn't seem to be able to find the PM/conversation option, maybe it's because I'm new and the system still thinks I'm a bot...).

    My pride and joy R6 was stolen two weeks ago, and I'm looking for a new, similar bike. Can you let me know what the best way to contact you would be (even if it's via this thread)?
  3. Love the colour.
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  4. Oooh if I was off of my restrictions. Hot damn thats a nice bike.
  5. Man if i was on my fulls id be right outside your house camping, waiting for you to wake up and accept my cash. God daym P plates ;(. Goodluck with the sell. Looks very very nice
  6. Aw dude that's a shame :(
  7. Thanks guys. I've just paid another year of rego, and reduced the asking price a bit:

    With Rego and RWC: $5500
    As-is: $5000

    Hopefully someone can grab a bargain in time for summer!
  8. If I could sell my CBR954 in time I'd consider buying it. Looks awesome!
  9. Bike is still available - would love to find it a new owner before summer is done!
  10. I'm literally so close to buying this simply as a bike to take around locally. But 1. The police would ruin my licence if I was caught. 2. My parents would probably kill me first.
    I wish you all the best selling. Try bike sales man? The cheapest 2007/08 on there is like $7500 so even putting it for 6k it would sell easy
  11. I think it'll come to that unfortunately.
  12. please reply to my pm
  13. Replied.
  14. If only I didn't have a new car on the way, i'd buy this immediately!
  15. Why unfortunately? It's a good place to sell and doesn't cost that much.
  16. Because selling anything to the general public is always an ordeal - I'd much rather deal with a fellow enthusiast on this forum who will be reasonable.
  17. I hear you. By if you need to sell you are best served opening up to the largest audience possible. Given the type of bike you could add conditions such as large deposit needs to be handed over before test ride, or even only offer accompanied test ride so they can't thrash it. Or no test ride.
  18. Deposit taken - bike is now sold pending final payment and collection :)
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