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[Sold] 2006 V-Strom 1000 DL1000

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Gurbachen, Oct 23, 2015.

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  1. #1 Gurbachen, Oct 23, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2015
    Hey all, due to a workplace injury and my car blowing up last week, it's time to sell my V-Strom 1000. This is the big boy bike, powerful as all get out, sounds fantastic with the aftermarket exhaust, and super comfy for all day riding. I flew over to Adelaide to buy it and ride it back, hopped off at home after eight hours and didn't feel so much as a twinge.

    Due to the mentioned injury I haven't ridden it since around March, so I've had it serviced and freshened up.

    39,591kms on the odo

    Registration expires next August, 22/08/2016


    - Just serviced this week, so oil, brake fluid, brake and clutch lines are all freshly attended to.
    - New Pirelli Scorpion tyre on the front, mechanic reckons the back is good at least until the next service, if that's an issue we can talk about it.
    - New black short levers installed
    - New battery
    - New chain and sprockets
    - Ixil Xtrem exhaust, sounds absolutely fantastic, like you're riding a thunder cloud, without it being obnoxious or fatiguing over long trips.


    - The right front panel/fairing has faded a bit in the sun due to the place it was parked, I took some polish to it and it cleaned up a bit but could use some TLC.
    - There are some small paint spots from when some goombah painted our fence and didn't notice the motorbike parked next to it. One of our cars got the same treatment. Just little flecks you can see in the pics.

    Stuff included

    Owner's manual
    Spare key
    Three screens; the touring screen currently fitted, a short tinted sports screen, and the original screen.
    Original exhaust
    Some LED barkbusters, as well as the original (which I believe are broken)
    Aftermarket bar ends installed.
    Adjustable lowering links

    I'm looking for $5,500 which, were it posted on some sort of website for the sales of bikes would put it in the top ten in terms of price, which is a steal considering the new and aftermarket parts, the fresh service, and the low kms.

    Test rides welcome, however I will need the full purchase price in cash to hand over the keys. May make exceptions for netriders of good standing.

    I would prefer to be contacted on here but I can be texted or called on 0425 852 348. I'm a shift worker so I might miss a call but I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    20151023_163645. 20151023_163704. 20151023_163631. 20151023_163716. 20151023_163747. 20151023_164308. 20151023_164318. 20151023_163734.
  2. good luck with the sale
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  3. Dropping the price to $6000 for Netriders as I've put it up elsewhere for $6500.
  4. Price drop to $5500, looking for a quick sale here.
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