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[Sold] 2006 R6 Melbourne

Discussion in 'Archived' started by stu_h, Jan 7, 2014.

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  1. 2006, r6, 60k, recently had valve clearances checked, all fine. Full service. Has bling levers otherwise stock. Slipper clutch. Brilliantly reliable bike. Can sell with rwc. Reg till May. Good service history. $5,500 ono. Girl rider. Good upgrade from LAMS bike as under 8000 rpm it's easy going. it still looks hot too. :) ImageUploadedByTapatalk1389091940.219942.

  2. funny you say girl rider , shes as fast as the blokes. this is a nice bike if I was in the market I would grab it
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  3. If I had a spare 5.5k I'd snap that up straight away. Good luck with the sale, but I don't think you'll need it.
  4. So so tempting as it's exactly what i want but....only just got P's
  5. ride it anyways
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  6. Extra info

    Included is the fender eliminator, braided lines, upgraded front end brakes and tinted screen. And heated grips.
  7. offer $5k Jerry, she'd take it, she's a girl.. But dont try to outride her!! Big Step up for you but you could 'learn' to be gentle with it.
  8. Yea but restrictions....
    It's an R6"R" isn't it....ya know...the lams restricted model....​
  9. Hmm I hear yah

  10. to quote further from a sticker on the bike.... "mischief managed"
  11. lol just say i did ignorantly ignore the restrictions and purchase such a bike wat rego issues would there be? as in can i rego a non lams whilse on Ps?
  12. but jerry you wont be able to make a insurance claim and the plod will tax you if you get caught, be quick if you want it , I spoke to her yesterday and she is having second thoughts
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  13. Should sell quick. Pretty sure I saw someone on here trying to offload a 1st generation r6 for a couple of grand more than that!
  14. Grr soo keen to buy this... but cant justify swapping over so quickly
  15. same here... if only i had 5.5k lying around.
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Not open for further replies.