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[Sold] 2006 Honda Blackbird

Discussion in 'Archived' started by PilgriM, Feb 2, 2014.

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  1. #1 PilgriM, Feb 2, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2014
    Its with some regret that I am putting my 2006 Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird up for sale..

    I purchased it last year intending to use it as a touring bike but it was to stressful on my arms & back, so couldn't make it work for me.

    Its a 2006 model, 11,277 ks on the clock, in awesome conditions, recently had the 12,000ks service done at 60 Degrees Motorcycles.

    Fitted with the following:

    VFR800 Clip-ons, bars sit higher and further back than stock.
    Ventura luggage rack.
    Latest generation Oxford heated grips.
    McCruise brand after market cruise control fitted.
    Tyres are Bridgestone S20's, approx 2000ks old.

    Non fitted extras:

    Yoshimura slip on exhaust
    SW-Motech ALU rack
    SW-Motech adaptor plate for Givi Monolock topbox.

    Bike has done very few ks for its age, runs beautifully, really needs to find a home where it will get ridden properly.

    Currently listed on bike sales at $9,000...

    001_bird. 002_bird. 003_bird. 007_bird. 008_bird.
  2. Deadman could've knocked you up a pair of these :D
    deadman loaded.
    Good luck with the sale PilgriM(y)
  3. I saw this bike the week Pilgrim bought it, it 'sparkled like new' it is one very nice bike indeed..
  4. Couldn't bring myself to do that :) No offense Deadman.... ;)
  5. [Mod hat on]

    Folks, If you're not interested in the bike, keep the discussion about the price to a minimum.

    There is a T&C which says that "tell him he's dreamin" type posts will be automatically deleted.

    Phrase your posts accordingly.


    [/mod hat off]
  6. to answer your question pilgrim, yes, i am interested in buying your bike.
    who wouldnt be?
  7. Ok then, most people come out with "I am interested, lets talk about the details", can you understand why I got pissed off when you just jump in with "whys it priced like this"..

    It looked like you are just trying to work out a little mystery..

    In answer to your original question that I ignored because it didn't seem to come from someone interested in buying the bike.

    The bike was un-registered & un-roadworthy when I purchased it, it was a good price but the seller was desperate to get rid of it, I did not attempt to talk him down, it was the price he asked for.
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  8. No offence taken Mate,

    The Blackbird is one hell of a machine, I just improved it for me, The Risers,

    Thats why I just bought my second one, They go forever, Handle Superbly,

    Its still almost top of the tree,

    And to quote me, They go like a Shower of Shit, I have had two of them,
  9. So, any more questions then?, If you are genuinely interested, happy to discuss any details of the bike..
  10. no, i have no further questions. your initial response in posts that have since been removed have given me all the information i need.
  11. Price drop to $9,000..
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