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[Sold] 2006 990 KTM Super Duke

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Cheeba, Dec 25, 2013.

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  1. #1 Cheeba, Dec 25, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2013
    This is a stunning 'bike to ride; if you're looking for the 'bike that puts a "smile on your dial" then you can't go past this Duke!

    It has had it's 30,000 km major service so you won't need to do anything for quite some time. The 'bike has a seriously INCREDIBLE sounding titanium Akrapovic exhaust fitted (the sale includes the original KTM exhaust also), Rizoma mirrors (originals also included) and adjustable, hinged orange brake levers. I have also fitted KTM axle sliders, GB Racing frame sliders, a Bagster tank cover and a black comfy gel KTM original seat - I also have the original orange seat I will include as well. The new battery is fitted with an external trickle charge adaptor which fits an Oxford charger.

    All of these parts are real quality as are the Pirelli Angel tyres which have plenty of tread left on them - approx. 85%. This is a reluctant sale but due to some back issues this beauty isn't being ridden anywhere near as much as it deserves... this 'bike sticks to the road and with a custom fuel map installed it is a real joy to climb aboard and get out on! Starts every time and with KTM's builds you cannot go wrong :)

    Rego to Nov 2014

    29,401 kms and asking for $8150 :)




  2. That's sexy
  3. I know - gutted to be selling it to be honest :(
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  4. wow! that's a beauuuuty mate. All the best on the sale.
    ps; you wouldn't be interest in swapping with a ninja thou' ?
    jus kidding
  5. Thanks mate :)
  6. Bargain for one of the best naked bikes on the planet!

    Good luck with the sale mate:)
  7. Thanks Bamm-Bamm!
  8. Does anyone have $4,000 or so spare lying around I could 'borrow'?
  9. Commonwealth, ANZ or NAB ;)
  10. the first time I saw one of these I was intimidated.. now it looks pretty good :) Sadly 6 months too soon to consider. I know it will easily find a good home.
  11. You shouldn't be scared of them or you will never progress, although I imagine why you may be intimidated at first. The brakes and suspension on these bikes is superb; as is the balance (with the battery low down in the frame, level with your feet almost)

    I cannot recommend them enough to be honest :)
  12. I grew up on farm bikes and was riding a little 250 cruiser when I came across it. Major size upgrade visually. That was a year ago.

    Have had a lot more exposure to the wide variety of rides since then. :D

    Best of luck with sale
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  13. Oh man! Sorry to hear you're selling mate. That's a real shame. Best of luck with the sale, hope you get some interest ASAP. It's a rad bike, that's for sure.
  14. Thanks Andrew! Unfortunately I don't have much option :(

    I hope you're doing well and clocking up the k's :)
  15. Dropped to $8750 :)
  16. Get it while it's hot! (the weather, the bike and the price!)
  17. $8500 - someone needs to be riding this beauty
  18. Price drop - $8150

  19. Why are you selling it mate?
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