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[Sold] 2005 ZX636 Ninja

Discussion in 'Archived' started by jaeyon, Jul 4, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    need to free up some funds so I am putting my beloved up for sale. She has been a beauty since I have had here and never given me any grief. Runs like a dream, two original keys and never been dropped.

    Anyway I will let the pictures do the talking, but here is a brief description
    2005 zx636
    Nissin zx10r front callipers
    braided brake lines (f+r)
    single seat cowl (original seat provided)
    Short levers
    Tinted screen
    Screen protector
    Fender eliminator
    Spike bolt kit

    Also recently serviced and rear tyre is less than 3000kms old (Michellin pilot power front and rear!)

    The only negatives is rego is due 9/7/13 so its coming up for rego. Its a great head turner and awesome fun to ride.

    It's priced to go at $7,000.

    Bike is located in Green Valley, NSW

    Cheers, John - 0431 083 394

  2. I have the old 636 as well. These are great bikes, legendary in fact which is why Kawasaki have brought them back.
  3. yep such awesome machines!! bump someone take this beauty off my hands, you wont regret it!!
  4. I've wanted one for a long time. Stupid wedding...
  5. Dw james, im sure a good samaritan on will here buy it and donate it as a wedding pressie ;)
  6. @jaeyon - please do not bump your sales thread as its against forum rules.
  7. Absolutely love these bikes. Is that a gloss or a matt blue?
  8. Its a gloss blue. I upgraded the brakes as after taking my mates 2012 zx10r for a ride where i was so disappointed with the standard brakes on my zx6r. so i went out and got me some new callipers and braided lines :)
  9. Do you still have the stock exhaust and levers for this?
  10. dont have the stock exhaust but have everything else (levers, brakes etc)
  11. Stupid question but I guess you never know...

    Would you consider doing a trade with a black 2005 Honda cb900? Your bikes worth a little more so I'd chuck in some cash too.
  12. hi there sorry not after a trade. Have had alot of interest, interstate guys bike transport is pretty cheap through bikenut.

    bike is currently out of rego, will let it go for $6500. bargain considering the condition, quality and low kms of the bike!
  13. Nice bike, good luck with the sale!
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  14. How much would blue slip and rego be?
  15. the greenslip is the priciest part, but costs about $400, rego and blue slip is another $150 or so on top so not much at all!
  16. yep nice bike, wish my back could deal with the forward lean, gettin old sux lol
  17. My dad who is 64 rode mine for an hour this weekend and felt fine. I have the exactly same bike.

    The 05-06 is one of the better sportsbikes if that is what you are looking for, its physically quite big, especially compared to the other 600s (even the other ZX6s)
  18. I've gota say, as anoying as it must be for you to be on the market this long, it's encouraging for me ;).
    This time next year I'll be looking to get this from the incoming owner.
  19. PRICE DROP TO $7000 with REGO!
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