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[Sold] 2005 Honda VTR250

Discussion in 'Archived' started by nibor, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. #1 nibor, Oct 16, 2012
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    Hi Everyone.
    So the missus and I are having another Niblet! hence the sale of my 250.

    2005 Honda VTR 250.
    black body, grey frame, black rims.
    brand new battery.
    new chain.
    near new front and rear sprockets.
    oil/filter changed every 5000km.
    air filter/plugs checked/cleaned/replaced every 10,000.
    coolant, brake fluid and valve clearances last done at 50,000.
    all minor servicing done by myself, all internals (valve clearances etc) done at Jeffery Honda.
    brake pads have plenty of meat on them.
    front tyre has plenty, rear is near indicators but there's still room after that.
    tyres are Dunlop GPR Alpha 10's. the stickiest tyre i could find that fit! trust me you'll like them ;)

    mods include bar end mirrors to replace the fugly stock ones,
    Ducati Monster bars, much wider lower bars for nimble handling, and less cramped monkeybike feeling.
    aftermarket slip-on exhaust, sounds and looks much better than stock! weighs a ton less too haha.
    will come with stock exhaust skip-on too, if i can find it in the shed.
    previous owner had the ducktail airbrushed, matched my Jolly Roger Corsair helmet so I like it.

    I bought it at 25,000km and have service history from previous owner.
    Has been put down before,
    only remaining damage is some grazing to the chrome on the instrument cluster, as seen in pic.

    please note the bike will be sold unregistered, but it is ready to pass a roadworthy as is. this rego expired whilst I have been riding the Ducati.
    I love my bikes and maintain them well, they may not be immaculate but thats because they get ridden not displayed. still cleans up pretty though!

    bike is located in south east melbourne. contact for inspection. reply on here, PM, or text xxxxxxxxx will be the quickest method.



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  2. Didn't realise you still had this. Will let my mate know!
  3. bike is well an truly sold (2012), stop texting me poeple!! :)

    closed thread. i think haha
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