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[Sold] 2005 Ducati ST3

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by browny, Apr 30, 2014.

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  1. #1 browny, Apr 30, 2014
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    G'day fellow riders,

    For sale is my (50+ yr old) Dad's 2005 Ducati ST3 - in Black.

    Klms: 26000
    Rego - Sept 2014
    New Battery October, 2013
    Pipemaster Stainless Steel Pipe
    Venture Rack and Bag
    Has all keys

    This bike is 3 hours ride/drive from Sydney and about 6 hours from Melbourne in a town called YOUNG.

    The K's are country k's

    Asking price $8,500 ONO

    Very good condition and well cared for bike (always garaged and serviced) - he is an anally retentive bike owner to the extreme!

    Any questions, feel free to contact me!
    Thanks for looking!


    Also to let you know - he is selling this bike and another 600 (see other thread) beacuse he bought a bloody harley!:oldman::oldman::eek:
  2. that is one delightful-looking bike.....
  3. Aye, it's a bloody nice looking machine.

    I, and my marriage, are thankful it isn't YELLOW, otherwise I suspect I'd be working out how to get a Seniors Ticket to Young right now.

    Anyhow, browny, can't you talk your Dad out of such a rash decision?

    At only 50+ isn't he a bit too young for the Harley thing?
  4. Bloody hell, I wish I didn't see this thread !! That looks mint. Lucky for me that you are nowhere near Brissy, otherwise I'd have to have a look and then we all know what happens next...
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  5. Hi,

    great looking bike - is it still for sale

    please let me know

  6. Hi People,
    This bike is still for sale! Had a buyer who then couldn't stump up the cash in the end which is a shame....
    Rob sorry for the delay coming back to you... couple of months I know - I've been offline.. Sorry again.
    PM Sent if you're still interested.
  7. Actually mate I can't start a PM with you? Maybe you need to up your posts a bit?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.