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[Sold] 2004 Yamaha R1

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Danteg, Jun 26, 2010.

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  1. For Sale - Grey/Silver 2004 R1

    As I have upgraded to a new bike, the old baby needs to go. The R1 has been a fantastic bike, which has never given me any problems. It has been well looked after and regularly serviced by Staffords in Heidelberg. The bike is in great condition, but does have some minor scuffs on the right hand side due to a very low speed down.

    Some extra details:
    Mileage is 23,400km
    Rego until 31/10/10
    Comes with tinted screen (still have original as well)
    Rear seat cowl
    Tail tidy (not fitted, but pretty easy to do)

    Price with RWC: $8,800
    This will include 2 new tyres as the current ones are not road worthy

    Price without RWC: $8,250
    I had the bike checked for road worthiness and the only outstanding item was the tyres.

    If anyone is interested or would like more info, please let me know.



  2. Nice looking R1 mate.. best of luck with your sale. I'm sure someone with any sense will snap this up (y)
  3. no buyers in Feb eh?

    got a mate looking for 1 but he wont spend over 7k
  4. I had a couple of offers in Feb, but nothing serious, so I let the ads I set up lapse. I'd planned to store the bike in the garage until later in the year and try and sell it then, but I figured I'd give it another go now and see if I got any nibbles.
  5. if theres a price drop in the future ill tell my mate to look out for it :)
  6. Is the riding position really aggressive? I'd like to upgrade to a supersports with a good riding position for daily commuting but the R1 looks really racer
  7. Tonee,

    Many people commute with supersports - one quick visit to the city will reveal how many such bikes are parked all over the streets.
    In your case, you'd have to consider how far you're commuting daily, the quality of roads etc etc.
    If it helps, I've just returned from a SYD-MEL ride (done in the same day, minor stops for fuel, food, etc) which was done on my Gixxer. I was surprised how comfy it was (gel seat fitted) and at times I was riding non-stop for 190km.
    I had ridden the R1 up to Bright once, with 2 stops and that was fine also !
    Depends mate on whether you REALLY want a supersport bike as your everyday bike.
    If I was looking for a bike, I wouldn't hesitate in checking out this 04 example, as advertised by Dante.
  8. Tonee, as far as riding position goes, the R1 is a sportsbike. Having said that I found it to be pretty good, ergo-wise, and was able to commute on it with no issues (a return trip to work for me is only about 40km, so not sure how that compares for you). Compared to most other sportsbikes I've ridden/owned, the R1 was one of the more comfy ones.

    As an example, a couple of years ago I rode down and back to the Island in one day with a group of mates. Most of them were complaining of sore backs, wrists, etc. Other than feeling mentally tired, I felt fine and was actually surprised how well you can tour on the R1.

    Nickers, thanks for the support :)
  9. Depends on your size as well

    at 187cm I had no problems being upright at about an angle of 80 degrees and still have both hands on the bars
  10. I travel a fair bit from Yarraville to Moorabbin down the Napean. Its a pretty big bike, I guess it would be a bit harder to filter than the 250?

    I might give you a buzz after I sell the Ninja, where abouts are you located?
  11. The R1 is a physically bigger bike than a 250, but filtering isn't too bad, as the bike is still quite slim. The bike is also a bit heavier than a 250, so the slow speed maneuvering will be a bit trickier. I never had too many issues with filtering, but it depends of what sort of gap you try to get through :)

    Also, I live in Preston
  12. do you have any pics of the damage on the right hand side?
  13. Hey Chris, here are some pics of the damage.

    The damage is very minor and did not break anything (I had almost stopped when I put the bike down), so it is purely cosmetic.

    Let me know if you want some more pics/info about the damage





  14. oh man she's gorgeous... nom nom nom.

    good luck with the sale. if i was after a sportier bike, this is exactly what i'd get. such a good price too!
  15. I know for a fact that the triangular looking (clutch) protector plate, in pic 2, is very easily replaceable, costing a mere $40. So this bike is indeed a very good priced weapon. Not that I need 2 of the same bike, but if I hadn't bought the Gixxer, I'd be seriously looking into this.
    Good luck once again Dante.
  16. mmmmmmm, If I wasn't already sold on buying a motard as a hooligans toy then I'd be seriously looking at this....
  17. If someone took my 2002 Speed Triple off my hands, I'd be very very interested in this R1.

  18. Twisties : What - you can't be a hooligan on an R1 ??? I seriously doubt I'm the only one out there ;)
    Been riding my Gixxer lots lately (new toy in the shed) but sat on my bro's R1 yesterday..and man, I tell ya I miss riding the R1 !
    Will take it out for a spin on a nicer day..like..erm tomorrow ?
    Anyone overseeing an R1 for another bike may not know what they're missing out on... and yes, there is bias (and personal experience) here, of course (y)
  19. Oh I have no doubt I'd be an even more license endangering hooligan on this bike, but I've already got a firestorm which wets my high-speed appetite every day on my commute.
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