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[Sold] 2004 Triumph Daytona 600

Discussion in 'Archived' started by herbertg21, Sep 24, 2013.

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  1. #1 herbertg21, Sep 24, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2013
    Got a 2004 Triumph Daytona 600 for sale

    This bike is awesome, pretty upright and comfortable for a sports bike and was one of the first good looking daytona's -

    - has all service reciepts totalling more than $10000
    - has nickel rims (with reciept, $1000)
    - has sports carbon exhaust, Triumph Genuine (will also provide stock)
    - comes with seat cowls and handle
    - discs replaced last year
    - wheel bearings replaced last year
    - 84000km's

    no reg, no rwc
    - nothing required for rwc, possibly front tire but still has meat

    Have ridden it, had plans for lams upgrade and track bike but figured the bike is not for me - besides my boots, everything else is chill out touring gear/non sport gear, thats the type of rider i am. Cant justify myself riding this when I know someone else can get the most out of this while I knowingly enjoy naked's / cafe racer type of bikes alot more.

    I am open to swaps for a naked bike or commuter like to take on the twisties (hornets / dirty kawa z's / street triples / speed triples.. as if anyone would let that go, unless you want cash your way / cafe racer types)

    Am also open to Cash :]

    inst: Netrider special $3500 ono due to high km's and seeing a bike that I want to get

    Please note I have this on sale elsewhere and may get sold there.


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  2. price drop to $3800 for netrider !
  3. Herb your first ad had it at $3500 ono then you say price drop to $3800??
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  4. hi Goddie I edited the first post and the title - it was 4500 virgin first post, then i replied with my first price drop to 3800 then I reedited the first post and title to #3500 for my final price drop.

    all things considered, its been sold and ill close it off thanks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.