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[Sold] 2004 Sachs 650 Roadster

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Cheeba, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    The time has come to (almost reluctantly) upgrade my bike so here it is...

    Sachs are one of the oldest manufacturers out there and this german made bike is awesome. The bike is in excellent condition, virtually always covered or garaged and is a brilliant ride - comfortable and a lot of fun and weighs in at just 154kg but is very stable on the road. It is built around the bulletproof Suzuki DR650 engine which delivers a really smooth, responsive torquey ride. It has Piaoli forks, Sachs suspension, Grimeca brakes and a lovely Lafranconi exhaust which sounds fantastic - it has a nice pop and growl to it!!

    The really unique look and the great design is by the renowned Swiss engineer Fritz Egli.

    It has just under 21 thousand kms on it - half of which I have put on it and it was last serviced about 3500kms ago.

    Less than 4000kms ago I put on a new chain, sprockets, front and rear tyres (Pirelli Diablos - these things stick like glue!) I have new front brake pads I have not fitted yet too.

    New battery put in July 09.

    I am asking for $7300 - full years rego and I will have a RWC for the sale.

    Cheers! Feel free to ask any questions





    Pics can be found here - http://yfrog.com/0ep1000951qjx - happy to email full sizes too.
  2. New front brake pads fitted ;)
  3. Price drop to $6500
  4. Price dropped to $5500 for a quick sale - this needs to go fast as she is now eyeing off MY bike. That's what happens when you leave the keys at home when you work away for a week! ha ha :)

    New battery this week, slight cracks around the fuel cap (plastic tank so it hasn't been bogged like some bright spark enquirer reckoned lol) now just over twenty four and a half thousand k's.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.