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[Sold] 2003 GSXR-750

Discussion in 'Archived' started by GTR2734, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. #1 GTR2734, Feb 26, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2014
    Well, after some consideration (and me not wanting to let go!) I have decided that I will sell my 03 GSXR-750 and purchase a more suitable commuter bike (specifically a 1250 bandit with ABS and panniers).

    Front left web.

    ODO: 39000k's
    Colour: Silver/black
    Year: 2003
    Make/Model: Suzuki GSXR-750
    Registered till April? i think (no labels required this year in QLD)
    PRICE = $6K ono

    This is not the only vehicle i'm selling (selling a v8 Statesman also [​IMG] ), as we are finding it too hard to keep 3 vehicles while doing uni/work rather than full time work. I have decided the only thing holding me back from 100% motorcyclist is the ability to keep a laptop dry in shit weather, and carry wet weather gear always (hence requiring a bike with panniers) so am looking to move to a bike that is more suitable for my requirements now. I bought this bike a year ago, and fixed a large range of issues with it (that came from lack of use by previous owner) and it is in 100% tip top condition now. I have a set of throttle bodies (with injectors) and a brand new fuel pump as spares to go with the bike (fuel pump is a common issue). The tank was cleaned and re-sealed, all the vacuum lines have been replaced, and the bike has a PC3 and been dyno tuned by Springwood Suzuki (~135hp at wheel according to dyno). A Major service (inc valve clearances) was performed by them at the same time. I have also flushed the cooling system (and refilled with correct spec coolant) and the thermostat was replaced with a brand new one.

    Will supply the bike with a RWC when someone shows interest to purchase it.

    I am sad to see it go, as the bike is in VGC for its age (plastics are immaculate) but I need to be realistic (and fiscally responsible) about my current vehicle ownership. Any enquiries welcome, reasonable offers considered.

    If you have a 07 onwards 1250 Bandit with ABS and panniers and are interested in a swap + cash, let me know.

    0403 264 569

  2. Tentitively sold (took deposit), to the first bloke that looked at it! Will confirm in around 3 days if its 100% sold and can close then.
Thread Status:
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