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[Sold] 2002 Yamaha FZS1000

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Loz, Jun 7, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Up for grabs: my big ol' 2002 Fazer 1000.

    Let's start with problems: if you don't like a bike with a few dinosaur bumps and scratches, then move right along. I dunno what happened before I owned it, but at one point the centrestand melted into the road when it was parked outside my office and it fell over onto my boss's bike. So the front fairing is a bit dinged here and there, and there's a small dent in the tank. Also, the seat fabric is a bit torn - it was like that when I got it, and it passed RWC with a bit of gaffa over it, so I never worried about it. That's about it. By no means does it look like a total old shitter, it's just rough around the edges.

    It also has 75,000-odd km on it, but it's smooth and strong and when I had the valve clearances checked a couple thousand km ago, they were all hunky dory.

    Good bits:

    - Suspension fully re-sprung and revalved 12 months ago with good bits by Promecha. Feels and handles great, plenty of damping available and front and rear are fully adjustable for rebound, compression and preload.
    - Michelin Pilot Road 4 tyres with heaps of life left in them. These are the world's best tyre in the wet, bloody good everywhere else too.
    - EK RXO chain with heaps of life left in it, and supersprox stealth rear sprocket. I don't really look after the cosmetics on bikes, but the mechanicals on this are beaut. I think this is a gold chain from memory, if you're a chain cleaning kind of person then go ahead and make it shine.
    - Ventura rack and bag - I've also got the grab handles that came with the bike if you want those on instead.
    - Fold-in, snap back mirrors. These make this bike some kind of uber commuter, it's pretty much the best lane-splitting bike I've ever owned. Super nimble in tight turns, too.
    - Stacks of rego. Runs out 19/03/2016 - that's what, 9 and a half months? You could team up with somebody sexy and make a whole new person before this rego runs out.
    - EXUP valve has been looked after, at least since I've had it. Lots of copper grease and I've recently readjusted the cables.
    - I'll throw in a set of EBC HH front brake pads - I'm pretty sure there's lots of life left on the Brembo pads that are in there now, I was gonna swap these EBC ones in for a bit of extra bite but never got around to it.
    - The speedo is absolutely spot-on accurate. If it says 100, you are going exactly 100.
    - Optional googly eyes, put there to amuse my nephew, no extra charge.

    I dunno what else to say, it's a beaut all-rounder. I have found it flawlessly reliable in all kinds of conditions, from everyday commuting to fast touring and twisties. It's particularly good as a pillion bike, it's about as comfy as it gets on the back of a sports tourer. I have had passengers fall asleep on the back of this thing, which either tells you that it's super comfy, or that I ride like a giant petunia, both of which would be good things for you.

    I'm looking for about $4500. I can get a RWC for it, or you can - who knows, maybe with your ninja bargaining skills you can talk me into paying for one. You sure look like a formidable bargainer. The next cheapest one I can find online is about $5500, but it's a fair bit younger and still has its stickers. Either way this is a lot of bike for 4.5k, it's allegedly got 135-odd crank horsepower, it handles and it's got comfort for days.

    Why am I selling? I have made a frankly foolish purchase of a vastly more expensive bike that I began lightly regretting almost immediately. I don't wanna pay two regos. That's it. Any questions, fire away. oh41eight 2one9 3three0

    More images:
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  2. nice looking bike good luck with the sale :]
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  3. Not to derail - can take offline LozLoz

    How did you find Promecha?
    Need to get some work done on the MT09 comedy suspension.
  4. You hear stories about Peter that go either way - business has been downscaled in the last few years and now operates out of his home garage. But this is the second bike I've had him work on and I've been happy both times. Both bikes were up around the 60k mark when I took them in, so even with fresh, heavy oil the damping was suffering. They came back feeling much more controlled. Gutting and rebuilding forks and shock, including new springs, valves and re-gas on the shock cost around $1000 or so.
  5. Cheers mate - he has quoted on the work and it is actually quite reasonable.

    As you say - a quick search and I've found positives and negatives.

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    And reduce the asking price to 4 grand. Which is bananas.
  7. SOLD. A good bike leaves the garage this day. Congrats Dom!
  8. Thanks man. Can't wait to take her out tomorrow (today) and see how she handles the twisties.

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