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[Sold] 2002 Triumph Sprint ST955

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by carpetbelly, Aug 18, 2014.

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  1. #1 carpetbelly, Aug 18, 2014
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2014
    Selling Rosie, my sprint.

    $3100 for net rider peeps :)

    I'm selling her so I can buy my mates bike as I don't have space for two of them.

    She's a 2002 955 model. In the lovely dark blue colour.
    The 2002+ model are the better of the 955 engines as they're the slight more powerful ones.

    Yes these bikes are known for reg rec failures. Luckily for you that's happened. The stators been replaced with a ricks Motorsport one which are better than stock. And the rectifier has been upgraded to a MOSFET unit. And a voltmeter has been installed on the dash as a warning guide but it always reads well :)

    Adjustable pegs that are slightly lower are also installed. Rizoma grips too.

    Tires are touring and less than 2k old on the front and 1k on the rear.

    Rides well. And oh so comfy. My first day I completed 500kms on her and can vouch the seat is like a nice armchair.

    A bike of this age has some marks. Few cracks on the fairing but doesn't detract from the ride.

    Oh the headstem bearing ls were also done 2k kms ago and the forks were also serviced. At 9hrs labour and parts cost.

    This bike is ready to go. Top box and givi ring tank bag.

    Rego till dec
    64k kms

    Navara 100+ blue tint bulbs in the lights too.
    Accessory fuse box installed if needed.

    Mechanically sound and lots of torque. Deceptively quick. Easy to think I'm not going fast then glance at the speedo to go oops

    She is a repaired write off, hence the cheap price. But she's been lovely to ride thus far. But too good a chance to miss out on my mates bike

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  2. Interesting that I hadnt had a chance to come on here and update my price on here...
  3. It still reads more, what's the new price? Will you take $1000?

    I bumped your thread so I don't know why you are upset anyway.
  4. comments on this site are far from upsetting lol
    and justus, mocking posts... for once you seem to have a sense of humour! Im impressed and using the Hoff too ;)
  5. Thats a fairly decent price at $3100.
  6. What are you buying Jaffa??
  7. Thank verticalc, I thought it was a fair price for a netrider...
    Looking at a bird tweet, thought I'd finally join the gang lol
  8. About time, now who's you buying??
    My mate just bought an o5 with 2200km on it!
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