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[Sold] 2002 Triumph Bonneville

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Lancelot, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. #1 Sir Lancelot, Mar 1, 2013
    Last edited: May 15, 2013
    Hi all, I'm selling my 2002 Bonneville - only $6990!

    Fully equipped, ready to tour.

    I've only had this bike for five months, only done one touring trip and not much else - selling because seat height is too high for me (I'm very small!).

    Otherwise, this is a dream bike: such precise engine, phenomenal smooth cornering, incredibly reliable, more torque than you could ever need, turns heads wherever you go. Great for long haul touring, and fantastic for commuting or short trips in traffic.

    Comes with...
    * 5 months registration! (October 2013)
    * RWC included
    * Oxford heated hand grips (pre-installed with relay switch)
    * New Motobatt battery
    * Recent service, including new oil and oil filter (just 10km ago!)
    * 60,000 km, running perfectly.

    * Pre-installed Triumph chrome side pannier and rear racks for $200 (worth $500, new and installed in October)
    * Triumph soft panniers for $60

    Total $7250 for bike ready for touring with grips, racks and panniers!)
    $6,990 bike only (extras not included)

    Inspection will impress, PM to arrange a time :)


  2. Updated & price drop! Inspections welcome. Feel free to send a PM :)
  3. RWC added to description!
  4. Price updated!
  5. That's a sweet looking bike.
  6. It is indeed. Best of luck for the sale.
  7. She's still here!
  8. Mate I would love to buy this off you and give it a good home. It looks absolutely mint and would look great parked next to my street triple but alas I do not have that sort of money. Good luck with the sale :)
  9. oh she is gorgeous... just not right time for me :(
  10. Ah, a shame indeed!! Thanks peeps. There is so much I like about this bike. Well, perhaps you can convince your folks to buy it or something - late life crisis! ;-)

    If you know anyone that would be interested, feel free to forward my details. We've bought another bike that better suits, so keen to give this to a good home. In the meantime, it's under cover ready for the next owner :)
  11. Can't seem to edit the first post, but am updating the price!

    Now going for $6700 ALL INCLUSIVE, Bonnie in top condition and completely kitted for touring.

    PM to arrange an inspection
  12. Damn it. That's one helluva deal. If only. What a mint bike for 11 years old.
  13. For those wondering - the 790 Bonnie's are the pick of the lot. Doesn't have the shitty fuel injection of the later years and the cam profile is more aggressive than later models and responds really well to tuning.

    And I spoke with a bloke the other day who has done nearly 200,000k's on his. Solid bike...
  14. That's a beauty and the price is getting closer to being tempting. I see you are in Australia which is nice, what part of it?
  15. I think QuarterWit has the right of it! Fantastic to know the engines go a long long way. It's certainly the feel of this one - it's already quite responsive & I'm sure there's room for tuning! It also corners like it's on rails. Love it. Thanks for the info QuarterWit :)

    Mcsenna - we're in Melbourne! Northcote. If you're up for a road trip, come on by!

    And thanks Kernel - we look after our bikes :)
  16. She is SOLD to a happy new owner!
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  17. Congrats, I'm jealous.
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