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[Sold] 2002 Speed Triple 955i

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Gromit, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    It's a 2002 Speed Triple 955i. It has had only one prior owner, from whom I bought the bike earlier this year.

    It has just under 53,000k on the clock, but has only travelled around 5000k since a full engine rebuild. It's got a near-as-dammit brand new engine; I've had to run it in.

    The bike comes with a Ventura rack, a Triumph sports muffler that sounds very nice indeed, crash knobs, Renthal bars, a belly pan, radiator shrouds, and a few bits of strategically applied faux carbon fibre.

    Most importantly, it is black.

    The bike has minimal cosmetic damage to the muffler and the bottom of the right fork, caused when the previous owner parted company with it (a common or garden lowside, it seems). This has never been an issue for me; as far as I'm concerned it counts as patina. If anyone wants, I'll send them close-up pics.

    I have the original owner's manual, a workshop manual on CD, and receipts.

    The bike has Vic registration to April 2010. I will supply a RWC if required.

    Since purchase by me, the bike's been given a new rear disc, new front and rear brake levers, a new battery, a replacement idle speed controller and a replacement ECU.

    It has also had a new starter sprag clutch fitted, and a specialist bike electrician has been over the wiring loom and fixed the charging system fault that was almost certainly the reason why the original sprag clutch lunched itself.

    Finally, the bike comes with a brand new (literally - only just scrubbed in) Pilot Power 2 on the front. The rear Pilot Power has plenty of life left in it.

    I'm asking $7650, which I think is fair. This price includes an Anderson single-sided rear stand that would cost something like $275 to buy new.

    This bike is an absolute blast to ride, seriously. It goes beautifully, sounds great, and is generally a real hoot. You will smile.

    So...why am I selling it? A couple of reasons.

    One is financial. I need to spend some money on some other things over the next few months. I have two bikes, I can only keep one.

    Another is down to my crook and aging neck. There's actually less wind buffeting on the Triumph than there is on my (faired) Suzuki, but the pressure of the wind is greater. After a couple of hours at highway speeds on the Triple, my neck really feels the strain and I don't think I could cope with it as my only bike in the medium-long term. If you don't have bulging/degenerate discs in your neck, it won't be an issue for you.

    So that's the story.

    If you are interested in the bike (or know someone who you think might be), send me a PM.
  2. Back to the Across, Gromit? What a shame to have to sell such a lovely bike.....
  3. I´ve still got the GSX750F, thankfully!

    I´ll probably use that for a few more months then go shopping for something else (not sure what just now). :)
  4. ah, sorry, yes, you sold the Across and bought the bigger bike :oops:....
  5. I've decided to put my S3 back on the market.

    It's a 2002 955i, with just under 60,000 k's on the clock. However, the motor was fully rebuilt at 46,000 k's (not as a result of abuse), so it's just nicely run in.





    The bike has a Triumph carbon sports pipe, Ventura rack, Renthal bars, a gel seat (plus the standard unit), K&N filter, and a bellypan and radiator shrouds. Tyres are a recent Michelin Pilot Power on the front, and a new Power Pure on the rear.

    It was bought new by a friend of mine in Sydney - I bought it from him in April 2009. The bike comes with service receipts (since I bought it, I've had it serviced by Charlie at Turn One in Kensington), handbook and original toolkit. The (Vic) rego expires in late April 2011. A RWC will be supplied.

    Asking price is $6500. It's negotiable, but I think it's a pretty reasonable figure.

    If you're interested, please send me a PM.
  6. I'm not in the market, but I'm sure potential buyers would also like to know, why was the motor rebuilt?
  7. Triumph had a dodgy batch of crankshafts in 2002. The one in this bike failed without warning one day, just after the bike was wheeled out of the garage and started. The previous owner took the matter up with Triumph Australia, which resulted in the engine being rebuilt at no cost.

    Before I bought the bike I searched around various Triumph forums and confirmed the '02 crankshaft issue (I've since heard it anecdotally from people in the bike industry). Also, I know the previous owner (whom I trust) and I've seen his email to Triumph Oz.

    When I bought the bike, it had travelled less than 100 km since the engine rebuild. Over the past year, it's convinced me that the Triumph triple is one of the great bike engines. I just wish Hinckley would make a new big Daytona!
  8. looks good man. if only i had a few more grand id come have a look!
  9. *bump*

    I've just bought a new bike, so it would be nice to have a bit more space in the garage.

    Make me a halfway realistic offer for the S3 and I'll be all ears!
  10. :'( i wanna buy it :'(
  11. And I want to sell it. Excellent!
  12. unfortunately, i can't. sorry hun :(
  13. do you offer finance with no interest? if only..
  14. Sell me the bellypan and lower the price? :)
  15. I'm so tempted, if only I didn't have to wait 6mths for my restrictions to be over.
  16. #16 Gromit, Aug 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2014
    It´ll sit quietly in the garage waiting for you. :)

    I haven´t got to the stage of selling it piece by piece, but I´ll keep you in mind. Has your bike got any trick bits that´d look good on mine? :D
  17. Re: (Melb) 2002 Speed Triple 955i, now sold!

    Now sold.
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