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[Sold] 2002 BMW K1200RS Sports Tourer

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by syx, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. #1 syx, Aug 14, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2013
    DSC02004.JPG DSC02005.JPG DSC02006.JPG DSC02007.JPG DSC02008.JPG Hi,

    Got this K1200RS to sell.
    Bought it 18 months ago from a rich bloke who had it from new, he put 20,000ks on it in 10 years... Ive put 10,000 on in the last year or so !
    Great comfortable bike, private road testing shows it has a sweet spot at 160km/h very comfortable if you like to tour fast.
    It will also almost idle in 6th at 100-110 for public roads.
    Gets around 300k's to a tank before the light comes on.
    Ive done the great ocean road twice on it, the footpegs and the center stand have some 'road polishing'. Heaps of fun for such a big bike !
    Ive also done thousands of k's 2up with my wife. She says its very comfortable and feels safe especially with the panniers making it feel more secure.

    30530 k's according to that photo, ive put on a couple of hundred since then.
    Full service history.
    One pannier (pictured) wasnt secured properly while chasing a blackbird through some corners and it came loose and then rested on the exhaust pipe and then fell off. Theres a hole in the back of the pannier and the side closes but is not quite sealed.
    Has a trickle charger cable on it.
    The windscreen (adjustable) has some marks on it barely noticeable like some corrosive dripped on it and wasnt cleaned off quick enough.
    Hand warmers !
    Rego till october ish, I can organise more if needed.
    Tyres are only about 500-700 ks old.

    Located in Mount Gambier, I can organise delivery to Adelaide or Melbourne (One last ride !) and further away on negotiation.

    $9000, looked at bikepoint and bikesales and I think this is a fair price considering the pannier damage and low k's.Price Drop - $8000 !

    Pics !
    I washed it and it was just getting dark, I can get better ones on request.
    (Ill upload the files tonight, for some reason every time I try it has an error)
  2. more pics DSC02009.JPG DSC02010.JPG DSC02011.JPG
  3. 3 posts in 4 years, 10 months?

    Gotta be some sort of record.
  4. thats me, Mr Record Seta
    Wanna buy a bike ? theres a great one up there ^

    price dropped to $8500, with free delivery to Adelaide or Melbourne ! or anywhere in between.
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