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[Sold] 2001 Honda VFR800F

Discussion in 'Archived' started by RedNinja, Nov 7, 2015.

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  1. #1 RedNinja, Nov 7, 2015
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2015

    Hi fellow netriders, I have for sale my much loved VFR800F due to new bike purchase, many extras and in very good condition, with a current roadworthy certificate already.

    Long rego (August 2016) and well cared for. This bike was professionally Dyno tuned by Kon at High Octane Motorcycles and mapped on a power commander ECU, giving smooth power curve and a powerful top end, she is very crisp and responsive to ride, even at 84,500k's.


    More pictures at: VFR800F by Dallas Jackson

    The bike also has:

    - New front brake discs, recent fork seals, oil just changed.
    - Givi hard luggage racks for panniers & topbox (No luggage included in sale, but can be negotiated if wanted)
    - Mirror extenders so you can see whats behind you with ease
    - Double boubble screens for bikes tinted screen
    - Bar lifters (No sore wrists)
    - Oxford Heaters grips.
    - Aftermarket Voltage regulator so you'll never have any issues with the Honda one which has known short life issues.
    - Staintune exhaust that sounds magic on this V4 (als have the noise restrictor)
    - The original bike owners manual, tool kit, service manual, pillion grips and plastic rear seat cowl.

    I've owner this bike for 9 years and done 54,000kms of the 84,000kms on the clock myself. I do love this bike, wish I could keep it to be honest I just don't have the space or time with kids to ride 2 bikes.

    Price is $SOLD Ono with RWC included. Located in Wyndham vale, Vic.

  2. Awesome bikes and even better with the Satintune on (y). Good luck with the sale
  3. Thanks, the V4's a lovely to ride, so much fat sound. If I had more time and space I'd keep her as a second ride, is tough to want to sell it after 9 years and has been my second one, as I sold the first one stupidly to buy a Hayabusa. Which made me realise how much I actually like the V4.
  4. Bike is now sold.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.