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[Sold] 2000 Kawasaki ZXR250C6

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by bn1986, May 8, 2013.

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  1. #1 bn1986, May 8, 2013
    Last edited: May 12, 2013
    Hey Folks

    I have my beloved LAMS baby up for sale, i bought her cosmetically damaged and ridden her for 18 months now. She had 15,000Km on her when i bought her, and now has 28,500km.

    basically the fairings on both sides are a bit scratched up. I replaced the muffler and mirror and enjoyed her. The tank has a small crotch area dent, but the good news is the inside of the tank is rust free

    Bike has a clear title, not a write off, and is the silver c6 series, which im lead to believe were imported by peter stevens kawasaki with zero km, so i am quite confident in saying the odometer reading isnt wound back like most grey imports.

    Starts first time every time, goes like the clappers for a 250 and handles like its on rails.

    Other stuff:
    Registered till December 2013
    Regularly serviced (fresh oil every 4000km)
    New Chain (RK 520 Oring chain)
    brake pads(bendix platinums),
    tyres (Dunlop GPR200),
    air filter
    spark plugs

  2. Hi mate,

    Pics dont seem to work for me. Where abouts can I see? Contact number? (You can PM to me if you want)
  3. And I also seriously doubt it's a 2000 model - compliance date in 2000 maybe but not build date...I won't even bother commenting about the odo mate - above is right pics don't work either
  4. Nope, I had a 2000 model too from Peter Stevens, they're legit.

    They brought over 50 NEW bikes from Malaysia in 2000. I used to have one of them.
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  5. #5 bn1986, May 9, 2013
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    thanks whitey...

    Mine has a sticker on the tank still in malaysian! and i have the manual with malaysian details still in it too... somewhere around here..

    87Crisis, Just because you're also selling a zxr250, you don't need to hamper my efforts on selling mine?

    Agreed its complianced in 2000, as i stated in the title it is a C6 model, one of the latest so probably built boxed in 1997... but there's no dates anywhere on the bike other then the 2000 date on the compliance, so i figured id go with something actually written on the bike.

    The odo is legit, and worth mentioning.

    Pics now sorted

    call/text 0401909227
  6. I stand corrected and apologise however its got nothing to do with my bikes for sale add...really it's just there to shut the wife up and ill be happy if it never sells - It just pisses me off seeing so many people advertise greys by their compliance date and not build date as its all too common and is misleading to potential buyers and with it being a lams bike n00bs generally won't know any better than to take the sellers word for it
  7. Bike is sold folks... :) and :(
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