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[Sold] 2000 Honda CBR929rr Fireblade

Discussion in 'Archived' started by fekkinell, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. #1 fekkinell, Oct 21, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2014
    For Sale: My pride and joy. My beast. My trusty steed.

    0416 042 106 or send me a PM.
    Located in Eltham, VIC.


    This bike has served me well for several years but alas, it is time for the bike to go. It is a beautiful machine that is as reliable as they come and has taken me on many adventures. Before me, it was owned by a good friend of mine; and before him, a good friend of his. So in it's lifetime it has only been through a handful of known owners who have treated it with respect and love.

    The honest bits:

    * Bike is currently unregistered as I couldn't justify paying it.
    * Needs a new set of tyres (0% tread on rear, ~5-10% left on front).
    * Has high kilometers: Odo is stuck on 99,999km, most of which are due to my ridiculously long weekend rides and some commuting.
    * Has a few scuffs on the left side (stator cover, upper fairing and a small crack in the mid-fairing) from a dramatic driveway incident (No explosions or helicopters involved).
    * No RWC as I don't have the time or the means to take it to a tester. I'm sure it will easily pass though.

    The better bits:

    * New battery, stator and regulator fitted 12 months ago.
    * New chain and sprockets fitted 12 months ago.
    * K&N air filter.
    * Carbon fiber muffler (stock muffler included in sale for if you are into the ugly brushed metal drainpipe aesthetic).
    * Front flush-mount indicators.
    * Gearsac rack fitted (I would include the bag too but it is very worn out and probably isn't worth your time).
    * 12v outlet under rear seat. Great for charging phones, iPods, GPS, etc.
    * Comes with standard key, one blank key (not cut or programmed) and one spare key that can be used to unlock it, but not start it (as it doesn't contain an RFID chip).
    * Fastidiously maintained and rides like a new machine.

    Previous reg: IR345 (cancelled by me due to lack of use)
    VIN: JH2SC44U81M100174
    Compliance date: 09/2000

    The pretty pictures:

    Not actually 1am. Battery has been disconnected due to lack of use.

    This is the view of the dash when making hard left hand turns (Hands should be on bars at all times).

    Race stand included.

    Carbon fiber pipe.

    Number plate not included. Fancy FYYFF sticker from another well known online bike resource.

    If you are bored, there are a few more pretty pictures from two past bike trips available at the following links:

    http://s23.photobucket.com/user/fekkinell/library/Melb to Licola

    http://s23.photobucket.com/user/fekkinell/library/Bike Trip 2012
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  2. Still for sale. Price drop. $2500ono for all you lovely Netrider folk.

  3. turn it into a freestyle stuntbike
  4. Pre-Mod race bike..
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  5. i dont see how thats a problem, you could like strip the fairings, put on some wheels, get a cage and change the sprocket to -1 60t, get maybe a round or 12 bar and BAM! freestyle stuntbike.
  6. Nice looking bike... I'm sure it will go to a good home...
  7. Haha... It would make an amazing stuntbike. With the straight through pipe and the intake flapper mod (ie. I've cable tied it open), it has bags of torque already. With a bigger sprocket it'd definitely get up there. I have no major sentimental attachment to it, so any home where it will be put to good use is fine by me. I'm open to any reasonable offers.
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