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[Sold] 2 x Suzuki GSX250F & another damaged one for spares

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Minerals4Life, Aug 6, 2016.

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  1. 2 x Suzuki GSX250F Motorcycles + Another Damaged One for Spares

    Hoping to Sell this Weekend My Collection of the Much Loved Suzuki Across GSX250F Motorcycles as a complete package. Both Require Blue Slip.

    One is Complete, runs and just needs a New Battery and a Clean Up for Blue Slip, it is fitted with a Ventura Bike Rack, had when I purchased been serviced and the tyres new with less than a 1000kms on them.

    64770kms on Speedo. RXW89

    This Bike will need a Clean Up As It Was Outside for a Period of Time.

    The Second one runs probably also needs a new battery and some work. 75879kms on Speedo. YTC24

    Work includes

    * changing the key switch from damaged one as I lost the keys.

    * changing throttle side steering arm from damaged one as it is bent.

    * replacing one front blinker indicator.

    * a cleanup and service

    Front Indicators & Mirrors I have separately in a box which was previously removed by myself.

    Tyres in good condition.

    Both of those Bikes are 1993 Models.

    Damaged Bike has brand new Pirelli tyres on it, less than a week old at the time of the accident and the reason why the previous owner had the accident. Falling to take a corner and resulting in putting the bike down and bending the front forks.

    The engine is good, and there are many parts you could sell off this Bike. It also came with another Ventura Bike Rack. I Bought it solely for the Key Ignition Mechanism - Trying Finding One !!

    I have a few other items which I will be throwing into the sale, Bike Cover, New Suzuki Logo Valve Caps, Suzuki Logo Number Plate Bolts, and a Box of New Fairing Fitting Bolts.

    I purchased the Bikes with the Intent of Riding One and Customising the other, but due to work never got around to it, and now due to injuring my back need money. So sadly they must go.

    For someone with the know how, you could easily get two complete Bikes running, sell the spare motor and other parts of damaged Bike and make a Good Profit. Or keep one, sell the other and the parts and end up with a working registered Bike for next to zero dollars.

    Obviously, you will need a Trailer or other vehicle capable of holding 3 Motorcycles and ratchet straps to tie them down.

    Genuinely Interested People Only Thanks.

    Asking $1500 Only for the Lot !
    May Separate into two sales if necessary (first bike, second bike + damaged one) but would prefer to just sell the lot in one hit
    May Negotiate a little if you're prepared to come Sunday and take them off my hands :)
    Located In Wollongong

    Initial Contact Here

    And we can then make contact off the site. Thanks

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  2. Thanks Steve .. I will drop him a post. Cheers Mate !


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