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[Sold] 1999 Suzuki Bandit 1200S

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Bravus, Sep 21, 2016.

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  1. #1 Bravus, Sep 21, 2016
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    leftside. speedoodo. tankseat.

    Bargain beastliness! Cosmetically pretty rough, mechanically excellent.

    12 months rego, pretty new tyres, chain and sprockets. Nothing to spend (unless you care about the cosmetics).

    A heap of power and torque on a big comfortable beast.

    I've had this bike about 8.5 years. Here's the Netrider thread from when I bought it, for $4700, with 45,000 km on it: Bravus *finally* bought a %&^$ bike!

    That's one of the benefits here: there are no secrets with this bike. I've blabbed everything about it in this forum for the whole time I've had it. If you want to know about any issues, it's right here.

    It has about 136,000 km on it now (the odo only goes to 99,999, so it's looped... and I'm not gonna pretend it's 36,000!). I have every confidence that it has another 100,000 in it easy. If you're looking into these, you know the story: detuned and bored out GSX-R1100 motor, massively over-engineered and bulletproof.

    It comes with a Ventura rack and large bag: not sure of the litres but it will happily hold a helmet and jacket.

    It does come with the stock pipe as well, but the one on it is a cunning one created by an earlier owner, with less baffles in the stock 'skin', so it looks legal but sounds and goes... better.

    I start it every day and it just does as I ask without complaint. I've had the seat re-covered twice, at about 150 bucks a pop, for that rip at the front near the tank: it seems to be just a design issue with wear and that sharp plastic lip just under the vinyl. Can't complain too much in 90,000 km.

    I'm in the Gold Coast, happy to deliver it to Brisbane or North NSW if someone can't ride it yet. QLD Rego is until Sept 2017.

    Also have a look at the comments from b12mick and basically every other Bandit rider here: we love 'em! And you will too.

    Stated price is a place from which to start negotiating...

    $3,000 ONO

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  2. #2 Bravus, Sep 21, 2016
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    lion. reartyre. rightside.

    fronttyre. brakes. chain.
  3. #3 Bravus, Oct 15, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2016
    Big price drop to $2400 negotiable (Netrider price, advertised for more elsewhere).

    So much bike for that money: and a reminder it has 5 months QLD rego and near-new tyres, chain and sprockets.
  4. (initial ad mistakenly says 12 months rego - I usually do 12 but checking the rego certificate musta done 6 this time)
  5. Price drop: $2000 firm.
  6. Sold!

    Doesn't seem like I can edit the OP, so thanks mods.
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  7. Done....
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  8. Perfect, thanks. Pleased it's out of the garage, but a little sad to see the good old servant go. Buyer has been on a LAMS version GSXF650 for a couple of years and is very excited to get the Bandit with a bit more go, so that's pretty cool.
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