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[Sold] 1999 Ducati Monster 600 LAMS

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Grumply, May 26, 2010.

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  1. #1 Grumply, May 26, 2010
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    [Melb] '99 Ducati Monster 600 (LAMS Approved) $6,999 **SOLD**


    Model: 1999 Ducati Monster 600 (LAMS Approved)
    Odometer: 27,500km
    Colour: Black
    Rego: April 2011
    Price: $6,999

    I’m off my restrictions now, and need a more suitable bike for carting the missus around on some bike trips we really want to do, so my beautiful Monster has to go.

    She is my first bike, and cost me more than I could afford, so she’s been babied accordingly; I bought her at 20,000km and have all receipts and service history from then till now. She had her major 20,000km service when I bought her, and a minor service at 25,000km.

    In the last 1000km I have replaced the battery, chain and sprockets (with the gearing changed from to 15/43 to 15/46 to improve acceleration and smoothness in traffic) so she is running just beautifully at the moment.

    The bike is LAMS approved and as a first bike I honestly can’t recommend the Monster highly enough, she’s lightweight, comfortable, very easy to ride and she sits just under the LAMS power/weight ratio (149kw/tonne) so she has enough power to comfortably cruise along or overtake on the freeway (which wasn’t the case with the other LAMS bikes I tried). The engine is really torquey, which makes commuting in traffic a breeze; and in the twisties you can just put her in 3rd gear, control everything with the throttle, and just bask in her beautiful exhaust note.

    Extras-wise, she’s been fitted with the Staintune Ducati Monster Performance Exhaust (worth $1,295) and sounds amazing - when I bought the bike she cost more than I could afford, but after hearing the sound she made (compared with the various 250s I’d tried) I ended up walking around my car ten times before walking back in and saying ‘I’ll take her!’ - so the sound was genuinely the reason I bought the bike, and the reason she remains the greatest impulse purchase I’ve ever made.

    At 6’ tall, the original setup of the bike was a bit small for me, so I fitted her with MFW adjustable lowered footpegs, which make the bike a perfect fit. I’m happy to include these with the bike for a taller buyer, or can put the standard pegs back on for anyone who doesn’t need them.

    I’ve put a fender eliminator on the bike, which really cleans up her lines, and replaced the indicators and taillight with LED ones. I’m keeping the Rizoma bar-ends and mirrors (seen in the pictures below) for my next bike, so she’ll be sold with the originals. I also have some brand-new Ozynob crash nobs and a carbon fibre ‘Monza’ bellypan for the bike that I never got around to fitting on the bike that I’m happy to sell as well.

    Sadly she’s just too small for the longer bike trips the girlfriend and I want to do now that I’m off restrictions, so it’s time to find her a new home.

    • Staintune exhaust system
    • Custom fender eliminator kit
    • Smoked LED taillight
    • LED turn signals
    • Haynes Workshop Manual

    • MFW Adjustable Lowered Footpegs (cost $200)
    • Brand-New Ozynob Crash Nobs (worth $154)
    • Brand-New Carbon Fibre ‘Monza’ Bellypan (worth $220)



  2. What a great LAMs bike, one of the best IMO. hmmm same price as a Hyosung etc.

    Nice bike hope it finds a good home.
  3. Nice looking bike, but wheres the radiator on these things! :p ?
  4. Duc Monsters are so cool they don't get hot. ;)
  5. Thanks Matti, I hope so too.

    Exactly! (y)
  6. would be good for a stunt bike :D
  7. **SOLD**

    My beautiful baby is gone :( thanks for your interest fellas.
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